Thursday, June 16, 2011

And the results are in......Annabelle's breed

I haven't blogged in awhile, we have been busy and I have been enjoying the kiddos.  We are always asked what kind of dog Annabelle is, we have always said a mutt and now we know what kind of mutt.

Pretty neat!!  The lab was obvious but the Samoyed explains her angular nose and pointy ears.  They also are sled pullers so that explains why she loves to pull on the leash.  The Mastiff explains her color and the few wrinkles she has.  Mastiffs are very protective without being aggressive, which is Annabelle's personality exactly.  Mastiffs and Samoyeds have wide chests and are very strong, like Annabelle.  Mastiffs always put themselves in between a new person and their master.  Samoyeds were a source of warmth for their owners and they kept them warm by laying on them.  That is Annabelle's favorite form of affection, literally laying on top of your chest or lap.  Also she is a very busy dog, not hyper but always playing with toys, even by herself.  That is the work dogs that are in her. 

We had to swab the inside of her cheek with two swabs (NCIS style).  Then we sent to swabs to this company with no other info.  So the results are amazing to me.  I had always said she seemed to have some little dog tendencies: she is not that big, she uses her hands all the time and she sits on one hip.  She has 3 little dogs in her mixed dog make up.  It is just fascinating and informative.  What do you think?

I know now I don't need to be concerned about her protectiveness, that it is just her way of showing loyality.  She has never been aggressive with anyone or any dog but the protectiveness was new to me.  Sure Mary barked like crazy when someone came up, she didn't try to stand near me or be standoffish until she knew it was ok like Annabelle does.  I bought the kit at Petsmart and I would highly recommend it.  
We are in the thick of softball days now and I will blog more on that very soon.  Happy Summer