Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gator Bowl bound

We left early this morning to drive to Jacksonville, FL for the Gator Bowl.  It was a long drive but I worked on putting all my pics for the year in a photo book.  I got to 100 pages by July.  So 2010 will have two books.  I also downloaded some books and tv shows.  I love technology.  It is amazing how peaceful it makes the car rides with the kids. 
I got all our Christmas put up before we left, actually Rob moved all the boxes to the attic for me.  So great having a boy who is able and willing to help.  We are staying at Amelia Island and it is really a nice area from what we can tell.  Everyone is pretty friendly except for the Russian guy who was running an antique mall. For starters when we walked in he said we are closing in 5 minutes, obviously he was not the owner.   I took a beat up Mr. Magoo book of comics from the 1970's upfront to buy for Lewis and he said it would be $10.00.  I said what?? and he said it is written right here $9.45.  I bet that book sits there for another 10 years.  I think he might have been one of those exchange type workers that they recruit for tourist town, kind of like the kids that work at Alabama Adventure.

We went to a restaurant call Jack and Diane's and no lie it had 6 tables inside and more outside.  I couldn't believe how small it was, but it had a great menu.  It had crepes, a tasters menu, bowls of all kinds of combinations and pizzas.

The sign in front of the restaurant said Welcome Bulldogs and Wolverines and any other critters. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

How was your Christmas?

I have to admit I am a little glad the Christmas season is over.  I think my favorite week of the year is the week after Christmas.  We usually get a few projects done and are lazy too.  I think I might just do the lazy part this year.
We went to Mississippi last week on Saturday.  Rob got out of the wrestling tournament the first night and I fearfully asked the coach if he could miss the next day so we could leave to go out of town.  He actually said yes, so we left after Lewis's basketball game.  Clara had been saying her throat hurt, so I looked in there and it didn't look that bad.  I gave her some cold medicine and let her sleep in the car.  We visited with all the Montgomery babies and had a great time.  Clara seemed a little better.
By that night though she seemed worse.  We said we would take her to the after hours Sunday morning.  There was only one place in the Jackson area open, so Brian and Clara waited 3 hours.  She had the flu, so it was a good thing we took her.  I also realized when we got there I had left Kathleen's present at home.  I also left my camera charger at home, I got a universal charger in Tuscaloosa at Radio Shack and had to return it in Starkville because it wouldn't work.  The guy in Starkville showed us one that worked, so that problem was solved.  Before I left for Mississippi I promised myself I wouldn't sweat the small stuff, I didn't but I realized some people DO sweat the small stuff.  That's all I am gonna say about that. 
The two faces of Charlie

Ruthie and Claude (the dog)


Sweet Ruthie

Did she look like she had the flu?

Da Plane, Da Plane

Rob and Ruthie sittin' in a tree

Ruthie is sitting on the Ewok Village, some collectors would be appalled

Mont, Claude, Gladys and Elizabeth

My parents and the grandkids

I gave one of the boys a doctor's kit           

We then went to Moss Point to see Brian's family. 
Lewis actually got two kid sized sharks

The Fullers and The Baumhauers

Fishing with Paw Paw

The only thing caught

Mamaw (great grandmother)

They all sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve

I think I have this shot every year
Lewie and Charlie

Shark #2

Checking out the stockings

 We had an unexpected White Christmas this year.  It really was beautiful!!

 I cleaned out my coat closet, I found a couple of things in there that smelled like beef jerky.  A headband and a coat.  Not sure why..........

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hold my headgear while I kiss your girlfriend

I had a busy week.  The preschool where I work had their Christmas programs Monday and Tuesday.  I had to operate the video cameras for the Monday performance.  The church has several cameras in the sanctuary and so it was a little more complicated than I thought it would be.  It was fun though getting to learn something new and to play with a new toy.  The kids did a great job and were so proud of themselves.  We had a brunch after the program on both day.  It was fun working as a team to get everything done!!
The boys got a haircut on Wednesday.  Lewis was horrible.  He cried and threw a fit the whole time.  I hate taking him to get him haircut.  I sent him to his room when we got home and he had to clean it up.  I was so ill with him.  Rob just got a little trim.

Thursday night I had all my co-workers over for our CASA Christmas party.  I didn't get very stressed, I didn't have time to.  I just enjoyed it.  I love working with these ladies.  I have a great boss too!

We had wrestling Friday night and Rob got to wrestle twice.  He lost one pretty quick and won the other by points ( you get different point for different moves).  The kid he wrestled against just basically laid on his stomach and would not move.  He was too heavy for Rob to turn over and pin, even though he tried mightily.  The kid got a major bloody nose half way through and Rob had it all on his arms.  Rob was asking later why he had to wipe off that kid's blood!!??? Really??  He ended up beating him 13-2 and just waited that turtle out.  There was one kid from Oak Mountain that got literally power driven into the mat the first play of a match.  He got a concussion and possibly a broken nose.  It was so horrible.  The kid was penalized.  That team only knew how to fight not wrestle and it was scary.  I was so proud when one of our kids pinned the slammer the next day.  The kids got t-shirts from the match,  Rob and Coleman wanted the bible verse on the back but they were out and they got the following instead.....Coleman- "Hold my headgear while I kiss your girlfriend"  Rob- "Wrestling is what real men do when the boys are playing basketball."  It is funny though wrestling is such a manly sport the mamas are all up in it.  We mamas are taking care of all the kids.  It has been nice though for Rob to make some older friends and make closer friendships with boys he already knew.
Clara, Brian and I worked in her room last night to build some storage.  It turned out great!!  She needed it.

Happy Birthday to my gal Sal!!!  Sallie Youngblood is 41 today and I am so thankful for her friendship!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where did you get that cute....? In Canton

I grew up in Canton, MS which is a small town (about 11,000 people) in Central Mississippi.  When I was growing up Canton was struggling to find its identity.  Our claim to fame was the Canton Flea Market and Arts and Crafts Festival.  We have this twice a year on the second Thursday in May and October.  It is actually a huge arts and crafts festival that shuts down the town and people come from all over the South to shop.  This year the Flea Market attracted 50,000 people.  In the mid 80’s a group of visioning Cantonians formed a long range plan to turn Canton into a tourist attraction with speciality shopping.  Our friend, JoAnn Gordon, had an idea in the late 1980’s to turn Canton into a movie site.  We have a gorgeous traditional square that is very open that is ideal for filming, and also many beautiful old homes.
 Over the next ten years several movies were filmed in my hometown:  A Time to Kill, My Dog Skip, O Brother Where Art Thou, Ponder Heart, Benji Returns, and a small part in Mississippi Burning.  When Time to Kill came to town the whole town worked to make it happen.  Everyone who worked on the movie has invited to the premier which was held in Canton,  The utility workers to the actors all rubbed elbows.  My dad, Bob Montgomery, worked with Matthew McConaughey to help him learn to be a small town attorney. He was an unknown then and I loved getting to meet him.  My sisters and husbands were on BET dancing.  .  Samuel L Jackson was the first black member of our Country Club.  

Also during this time Canton became the City of Lights.  It is gorgeous during the Christmas season, Christmas music is always playing on the speakers around town and each store is lighted as well as the center square.  Animated villages were created too.  The tourism office worked on collecting retired figures who collecting dust in an attics of a department stores.  They are amazing.  There are 3 villages total with multiple scenes in each one.  There are tons of stuffed animals and antiques.  One goes through the decades and tracks the progression of the cost of living and family life.  There are a few kids from Small World and I think I saw Snap, Crackle and Pop in there.   They are magical.  They don’t allow pictures in there so I can’t show you, but imagine every nook and cranny filled to the brim with animated animals, people, toys and creative stories to go with each scene.  There is a  horse drawn carriage, a train, carousel, mini cars and hot chocolate.

  I always love shopping in Canton, MS.  I find such unique things at such good prices.  The people are very friendly and it is so nice to walk all around the square.  I thought I would share some of my favorite shops. 

Noble Watts Jewelry
157 North Union Street
Canton, MS 39046-3740
(601) 859-3553

P is for Primitive
141 W. Peace St.
Canton, MS 39046 
Ph. 601-859-4252

133 West Peace Street
Canton, MS 39046-4535
(601) 859-9887

Sulms Gifts
3338 North Liberty Street
Canton, MS 39046-3739
(601) 859-7851

Canton Square Antiques
175 West Peace Street • 
CantonMS 39046 601-859-2209.

Charlotte's Webb

100 North Union Street

Canton, MS 39046
(601) 855-0285

Union Street Books

107 N. Union Street

Canton, MS 39046
(601) 427-0703

Heartspun House 601) 859-6466
Barbara and Herb Power

Primitives-Furniture and Collectibles
Kay and Ducky Longgrear-601-859-4887


I love all the unique things that you can find in Canton.  Anytime you want to go visit, just let me know.