Friday, March 15, 2013

Those jelly shoes must be doing something

We had a great weekend of track last week. Rob ran the mile and the 800.  It was his first time competing in the mile.  When he asked his coach how to pace himself his advice was hang with the pack and then kick at the end. So he strapped on his two different color jelly shoes and he was in the 7th heat of 9    He was following coach's advice when about half way in the coach yelled "go around.".  Rob pulled ahead and the whole time I thought he would just die but he looked great.  One guy Rob's size came up at the end and gave him a run for his money. Rob won by .03 of a second!  A great friend and wonderful photographer took ( some terrific pictures of the mile. Alan's are the last three below.   His time was 5:15.   On the 800 he beat his time from last week and ran 2:22.  He has great coaches who have taught him so much.
Clara has been managing the middle school softball team and is in heaven.  She has gotten to hang out with some great friends and make some new ones.  Lewis is doing baseball and seems to be liking it so far.  We are headed out to California and can't wait!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PINK thinks "straight leg jeans" are cool I bet....

Clara got tickets to see Pink for Christmas.  So we went last Friday night with our friends Michelle and Sara.  It was a GREAT concert, in my top three with Prince and Elton John.  Yes I know she is a little rough but I think she is cool too.  She has a great voice and love her songs, some are a little too raunchy for me but the great ones make up for those.  We painted our hair Pink too.  Pink told us that she can't dance at all and then she showed us. She has a gymnastic body and did so many acrobatics.  She was swinging like Tinker Bell on steroids during So What.  Some of the concert was really risque but more in a modern dance way.  My favorite part of the concert that also made me cry was right before she sang Perfect.   She said, " I have started to view things differently since I became a Mom.  I know this song has some bad words in it and I see several kids in the audience, so I am going to sing the clean version.  If you think I am a dork, sorry."  It really was sweet.  She also sang it with a guitar only.  Oh and the only negative of the concert was the binoculars they were "renting."  One of ours was broken and they didn't work really well.  You pay $20 and get $10 back if you return them.  We went out an entrance that dumps you outside so they would not let us back in to return them.  They made a killing off that deal.  If it weren't so late and it wasn't snowing we probably would have pushed it......

The next day Rob had his first track meet.  I never ran track but all my sisters did.  I spent a good deal of time at them growing up.  It was about 38 degree with wind chill in the 20s.  It was snowing off and on.  We all brought sleeping bags that we bundled up in.  He ran the 4 X 800 relay.  This is the same child we used to tell to  "Pretend a monster is chasing you!!" in 6 year old baseball.  He was gotten a ton faster since he started lifting weights.  I was very proud of his time of 2:24, heck I would have been proud of a time of 5:00 considering I can't even run a half mile without stopping.  He had a beautiful stride and ran all out.  So proud of him.

Lewis had to have a baby root canal today.  It was because of a rare condition where the tooth deteriorates from the inside out, it is generally from a trauma to the tooth.   It wasn't bruised, dark or decayed.  I told him he is the king of the rare.  In fact when we went to CVS to get his pain medicine/antibiotics filled he had never had a prescription filled there.  So this was the first antibiotic he had in several years.  He does have the random bigger things.  He didn't cry or fuss at all though.  In fact he had the whole endodontist office laughing at him laughing at cartoons.  He is so tough when he needs to be.  Yesterday a few boys made fun of his jeans saying they were girl jeans.  He told them they were skinny jeans and they need to be quiet.  They are really "straight leg" and a little dark so I decided to bleach them out a little.  He is so narrow the boot cuts make him look like a clown.  The boys who made fun are chubby by the way and couldn't wear straight leg jeans even with crow bar.   Not that I care what they think......

Rob in his two different colored jelly shoes, at least that is what they feel like