Friday, March 15, 2013

Those jelly shoes must be doing something

We had a great weekend of track last week. Rob ran the mile and the 800.  It was his first time competing in the mile.  When he asked his coach how to pace himself his advice was hang with the pack and then kick at the end. So he strapped on his two different color jelly shoes and he was in the 7th heat of 9    He was following coach's advice when about half way in the coach yelled "go around.".  Rob pulled ahead and the whole time I thought he would just die but he looked great.  One guy Rob's size came up at the end and gave him a run for his money. Rob won by .03 of a second!  A great friend and wonderful photographer took ( some terrific pictures of the mile. Alan's are the last three below.   His time was 5:15.   On the 800 he beat his time from last week and ran 2:22.  He has great coaches who have taught him so much.
Clara has been managing the middle school softball team and is in heaven.  She has gotten to hang out with some great friends and make some new ones.  Lewis is doing baseball and seems to be liking it so far.  We are headed out to California and can't wait!!

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