Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love Glee not Grocery

I can't wait for Glee to start again.  I love that show!!  I think I might have talked Brian into watching it with me.  I showed him a Sue clip...and he was laughing out loud ( well kind of).  Brian never watches any TV except for sports, really.  So we will see.  I think I am a little in love with Finn and Will.  Rob tried out for show choir this year (don't know if he made it) so maybe that is fueling my obsession.

Cooked supper tonight, I totally just made up a recipe.  I have this rebellious side to me that does not like to follow a recipe sometimes.  Italian seasoning, chicken, bread crumbs and mozzarella cheese over pasta.  I even put a can of biscuits sideways in a cake loaf pan to be a faux French bread.  It turned out ok except for the faux French, the middles of the biscuits did not cook all the way so I had to flip them back over.  I also hate to go to the grocery so I just "Make It Work."

I have to make some Easter bunny ears out of fruit rollup for Lewis's party on Friday.  I don't have a visual but I will try my best.  I am thinking of getting Rob the one touch toothpaste dispenser for Easter.  He has been wanting one, he is still a sucker for advertisements.  Well my snoring man with the mask is waiting for me to turn off the light......

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breakdancing and other sports

I have been on a search for a new front door(ours is rotting) that is kind of boring though.  Rob was confirmed in the Methodist church this weekend.  Such a special time for him and all his friends.  They all committed their life to Christ and to the church.  I can't believe how grown up they are, to me they all look just the same as when they were playing in the church nursery.  At the brunch for family members at the church I looked across the gym and Lewis was  in the middle of a circle of seated 12 year old boys dancing.  He was actually break dancing, then he started playing "duck, duck, goose."  No one would chase him for some reason.  Sometimes he can be so outgoing with kids older than him but with ones his own age he is much more reserved.

He is playing baseball and it is so wonderful to see him "run like the wind", well maybe a breeze.  He was born with club foot and his doctor worked very hard to get him to this point.   I joke and say he has million dollar feet but Brian says that is an exaggeration.  So we don't have any complaints about our health care.

Rob is really enjoying playing baseball this year. He is much more relaxed and is enjoying playing 2nd and 3rd.  All the parents are laid back at this age which is nice.  Softball is very different this year, kid pitch and my kid is one of the pitchers.  I admire Clara's toughness so much and I don't know how she stays so calm.  She is improving all the time.  I really can't believe I have a jock for a daughter, those that grew up with me will find the humor in that.

The CPAP is my new best friend, I am addicted to Brian wearing it.  I wake him up when he takes it off in the middle of the night, which is most nights.  I don't even think he realizes he is doing it, but he is very obedient when he is half asleep.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Macs don't like DVDs

One of the reason I bought a Mac instead of a PC was because of the media features.  One project I wanted to tackle was putting all our home videos on my mac and edit them.  I have some in DVD, some I need to convert to DVD with my recorder and then some I will connect the video camera to my mac.  Well after trying for a couple of hours in the car to import the DVDs I finally called Apple support and they told me you can't import DVDs on to a mac with IMovie.  What???  They said it was an attempt to prevent copying commercial DVDs.  They said I would have to get another software to import the DVDs with.  So I did and solved that issue.

Then I realized I need a firewire cable.  I bought one that would not fit into the mac book pro and another that would not fit into my camcorder.  Then out of desperation I pulled out my old camcorder manual and it said they had provided a cord with the camcorder and only that one would work.  So then I had to look through all the zillion black usb cords we had until I found it.  Now I am cooking with grease!!!  The long process has begun.  I am watching one now of fat baby Lewis rolling around in my bed and Rob trying to read him a story.  The videos are priceless.  They were all such happy babies and toddlers.  Rob was always talking and Clara was always climbing on something or dancing.  Not much has changed.

Back to work tomorrow, it will be good to see my little friends and my big friends.  The kids have their first games tomorrow night.  Two at 5:30 and one at 7:00.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Joy of Mamaw

We really enjoyed our rent free getaway.  It was so cold though, at one point I was on the beach in jeans, sweatshirt, North Face and fleece blanket at about 2:00 in the afternoon.   Of course it was going to be 70 degrees today the day we were leaving.  We loved being with Whitney, Marsha and Michael though, my kind of easy-going travelers.

I was thinking we had done a great job at taking care of the house we stayed in and then Clara accidently broke a fish, bowl/candle holder.  I told Clara she would have to leave a note with the $25.00 we were leaving to pay for the bowl/candle holder.  The only thing she could find to write on was a thank you note I had in my car.  She began her note by thanking the owners for letting us stay in their house.  She then said there had been “a horrible accident” and she broke the fish/bowl.  She said she was so sorry and left my email address for them if $25.00 was not enough.  She then drew a cute picture of a happy fish (the bowl/candleholder before it was cracked in half).

We are heading to Moss Point to see Mamaw and Mimi, Paw Paw will be off hunting.   Mamaw is Brian’s 83 year old grandmother.  She broke her pelvis (Brian called it a lower back injury on the church prayer request list,  pelvis was too improper in Fuller’s mind) in January when she fell at the Mexican restaurant.  I know what you are thinking but it was after church with her friends.  She  is doing great after several hard months.  She drove home from Wayne Lee’s (local grocery store) the other day which was a big accomplishment.  She is so full of life and laughs .  She does worry but not in a negative way.  She also has a 86 year old boyfriend who comes to see her all the time.  Mamaw ( who is Methodist) said he is a good Christian but she will never go to church with him because he is Church of God ;).   I hope I live to be just like Mamaw.   She enjoys life so much even though she has survived two beloved husbands and many dear friends.  She was laughing so hard the other night at my mice stories.   We are very happy that she is doing so well and look forward to many more fun times with Mamaw.

PS I just found out Mamaw watches "the news with the blond girl"  (Inside Edition) everyday at 3:00 to keep current.  She knew the name of Jesse James's mistress before I did.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tanning in Luverne and headless Santa

We are at the beach for part of spring break and it is freezing.  We were out at Seaside watching an Irish band perform and it was so cold.  We watched little girls in wiglets (Toddler's and Tiara's reference) doing an Irish jig.  Michael and Lewis loved it.

We went through rural Alabama coming down here and there was nothing but churches and houses.  Hardly any gas stations...we found one to stop at because I was getting car sick ( All that crazy reading I mentioned before).  Inside there was a young lady with no teeth playing cards with an old man.  She was cussing a blue streak.  The lady at the checkout had a spiral bound notebook with Tanning Record 2010 written on it in black sharpie.  I guess they had a tanning bed stashed somewhere in the back.  I know I would have found some furry friends there if I set out some sticky traps.  Bright spot, Brian found cinnamon tic tacs at the establishment.  His favorite and they are very hard to find, we looked online to ask tic tac about the shortage and there was only a mailing address....very strange.  We were too lazy to send a snail mail.

Enjoying time with the kiddos, Brian, and friends though, despite the weather.  Still loving my books, reading about an old ghost in New Orleans.  Pretty good so far.  One other random thought:  we were driving by a house in the neighborhood where we are staying and I spotted a headless LARGE Santa (the kind that sings and dances.  It was about 6 feet tall and headless....creepy.

Monday, March 15, 2010


We went to the library today, I had forgotten how much I love looking for books.  I  spent a lot of time at the library growing up.  Today all of us split up  and ended up leaving with 11 books.  I am glad my kids love reading as much as I do.  I just forget how much I enjoy reading.  I have been spending too much time watching tv.  I got 4 books for our short trip to the beach and am almost 1/2 way through one.  My new resolution: read instead of tv unless it is one of my favorite shows.

Looking forward to getting away, so glad our friend Whitney thought to invite us.  All my family members are doing their brackets for March Madness.  Our kids are such a mix of us:  loving sports (Brian) and  loving reading (Me).  No mice this morning even though we set a bunch of traps, hopefully the word has spread in mice land that the Fuller house is no longer a mouse friendly place.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mice stink

From, saw it and thought it was appropriate

Officially I hate mice.  They have taken up residence behind my kitchen cabinets.  So much for the exterminator's opinion in September that it was just one mouse and there were no signs infestation.  He claimed to find no entry spots.  BS.....I saw one a Monday night and freaked.  Then we looked closer and found three holes under the kitchen cabinets where they had been installed wrong.

So I called Critter Gitters and they quoted $250.00 and $40.00 per mouse.  I was signing up and then my friend from work pumped me up about getting them myself.  He told me to get a bunch of sticky pads, two traps with peanut butter and some stuff called "Great Stuff."  My other friend Chris told me "Don't call them until you find 10."  I found signs of infestation under the sink and in the pantry.  It was so gross!!!  Great Stuff is great stuff though.  It is this cool foam that expands to fill a space.  Love it but it is sticky as hell.  I have some permanantly  stuck on my hands.  Does not come off with fingernail polish remover friends warned me about that.....I guess I didn't believe them.  Should have worn gloves, but I digress.....The first night we caught three!!

We caught one more the next night.  None the next....But then tonight my dear sister discovered mouse turds in 4 drawers.  Removed the drawers and sanitized and realized more freaking holes in the back of the cabinets.  So worked on plugging them up with aluminum foil and more great stuff.

I really really really hate mice.  Right up there with lice, which I unfortunately learned about a couple of years ago.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hubby is getting a cpap and I am counting down the days! It gets it Wednesday and I hope it means that we both will be sleeping soundly within a few days.  We went to Starkville this weekend to watch baseball, softball and basketball.  We also saw both sets of grandparents, an uncle and our sweet little nephew.  Beautiful weather, we really enjoyed it.  Clara was so into the softball game, she made a friend with a little man who was a big fan.  Clara knew all the girls names and one waved at her.  She was in heaven.  She retrieved all the foul balls too.