Sunday, July 24, 2011

Potter and Penquins

We went to see Harry Potter the night it opened at midnight.  I took Rob, Clara, and 4 friends.  It was awesome.  We got there at 10:30 for the movie and there was a line around the building of people who had prebought tickets.  There were people in all types of costumes Harry Potter ones, banana costume, and Mario and Luigi.  They let us in at about 11:15 and we waited.  I think every movie theater was filled.   Excitement was definitely in the air.  The kids I took were so excited and the 20 somethings dressed like Hermione, Snape, Harry and Dobby on our row.  When the movie started you could have heard a pin drop.  Everyone was enthralled.  It was a wonderful movie, definitely the best Harry Potter, one of the best I had seen in a long while. 

Last weekend we went to Atlanta for a little getaway.  Since Lewis loves all animals aquatic, we decided to go the Georgia Aquarium and a Braves game.  Friday night we got to see the Braves get their 10,000th win.  They won in big fashion and it was so cool that night.  I even had to wear a little jacket.  We stayed for the fireworks and we won some cool Publix/Braves tumblers.  We stayed in a hotel in Buckhead which was like a minature hotel.  The rooms were a normal size but the hallways and lobby were tiny and orange.  Orange is not the most apealing color scheme but it was free because Brian had points so it was perfect.
The next morning we got to the Aquarium when it opened.  The crowd was very small but got very crowded later.   I was so impressed with everything.  They had all kinds of sharks, our favorite were the whale sharks.  They also had a dolphin show that was really good.  Dolphins are one of God's most fascinating creatures beside sharks of course.  We then walked to the CNN center for lunch and the kids wanted to wait around to get Jordan Shaffer's autograph (center fielder for the Braves).  He was quite but nice to the kids.
We then went to the world of Coke, which was very odd.  I think there must be some out of touch older executive or a young person possibly on drugs who created the movie we watched at the beginning.  It was kind of like a Tim Burton movie, very odd.  Basically you pay to go to the gift shop and drink cokes from all over the world.  Don't get me wrong, I love Coca Cola (especially Diet Coke) but not the World of Coke.  That afternoon I tried to go to H&M but it was too crowded.  I took everyone to IKEA and it was so interesting.  I could not believe how big it was and they had cinnamon rolls and Swedish meatballs.  I have to go back when I don't have my peeps with me.
We then went to The Varsity and it was great.  Rob went with me to Nordstrom Rack after that because there was a Toys RUS next door with baseball cards.  I shut her down, literally they had to chase me out of the dressing rooms.  The time change confused me!
A great weekend that made everyone happy. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Red Storm, Robots, and Rafting

Life has been full lately.  We finished softball All Star season 19-4.  We placed 1st in the area and 5th in the state.  I say we like I was somehow responsible for that, I wasn’t but when you spend so much time and effort with an activity  you feel that way.  I created a photobook for Brian and the other coaches.  The link below is Brian’s book and the other coaches had their own with pictures of their own child.

Rob and Lewis have been the best brothers during the season.  We had so many siblings that them had their own little group.  I have dear friends on this team too, so it was fun for all of us. 

Rob went on a cool youth trip to Occoe river.  They went white water rafting, tubing, and ropes courses.  He and one of his best friends came home with the same rash, we think from the natural stuff we put on all of their clothes before they left.  It was supposed to repel all bugs and apparently cause rashes on sensitive skin. 

We just got back from Canton, MS where I got to see nieces, nephews, brother in laws, sister in law and parents.  It was a fun and crazy time.  My nephew, Henry, had a robot birthday party and my creative sister Sarah did all the decorations.

On the way back from Canton we stopped in Starkville.  We ate at Oby’s and then went to Barnes and Noble to skype with the Reeves in Uganda.  Wow, it was great seeing them.  They went over there with no court date planning just to move them to a safe place.  When the judge realized that they were already in the country he agreed on a court date.  After they get their ruling they have to stay 2 ½ weeks.  We are praying this time will be shortened.  They have had several bouts with illness and getting home would be ideal.  Joan and Derrick (the kids they will adopt) are just beautiful.  They love their new parents and tell them how much they love them all the time.  Todd said Derrick was in a room with other kids yesterday and held up his arms and said “Daddy.”   Amiee said it is not hard communicating with Joan even though she is deaf.  She has her own signs and has picked up on the other signing quickly.  Derrick was not English speaking but is learning more and more everyday.  We miss them and are ready for them to come home. 
Rob has been volunteering at the Baseball Card shop and loves it.  He will take his lunch and I drop him off in Homewood in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon.  He loves learning about the business.