Friday, January 25, 2013

My Stray Cats Strut

Brian and I have been needing a new breakfast room table.  I have been given several tables from my Mom's collection but none of them were the right size for the space.  We needed a long skinny table and I wanted a plank table.  We also needed some smaller chairs that were sturdy.  We found the chairs first at Easy Street Resale.  We got a great deal on 6 awesome chairs.  Cool place, I had never been in there before.
On last Saturday Brian and I headed down 280 going west.  We stopped at 2 antique places and couldn't find what we wanted or needed.  Then we found the perfect place called Stray Cats Home Decor.  They are located in Childersburg and have beautiful things.   They had the perfect table on sale at the front of the store and we bought it!!  The fastest Fuller has ever made a major purchase decision.  It is worth the drive out there, they have so many unique things made out of reclaimed wood.  I also found another stitched picture for my collection.

I also have been obsessing about thrift storing lately.  I have made some great finds lately that I am working on transforming.  I have some before pictures for you and will have afters soon.  I love me some spray paint and I just bought 12 cans.  Some of my favorite finds this week have been purses.  I found an awesome HOBO International purse for $5.00 and several cool vintage ones.

Our new table from Stray Cats

I just love the view from my seat.  Even better with our family sitting there.
Picture from Stray Cats

Brian picked this out for a memo board

These are our cool chairs from Easy Street

A real snakeskin purse from the thrift store

Wait and see what I do with these lamps together they were $16.00
The front of the fan blades, hmm I am thinking.....

This is the other side of some fan blades we are going to make into something. 

My cool lamp that is perfect just the way it is. 

I thought these OLD cooler would be cool on our porch, after they "have some work done."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ghosts and CZ

We are back in the routine of school etc.  We had a great remainder of the trip, except for the game which was depressing.  It is worse that everyone I know around here watched it.  Yuck!!  It was a beautiful day and we got sunburned, it was that nice.  The next to the last night we were at Amelia we went on the ghost tour.  It was so fun, Lewis loved it.  It was a lot about the history of the town and the things people have experience in the older homes in the area.  The graveyard was really neat too.  Our guide had us taking pictures in the cemetery to see if we saw any activity.  The graveyard is pitch black and we actually had a few pictures that had some lighted spots.  It was really neat.  She said a prayer before we went in to the cemetery and one when we left.  The guide is a Christian but she said she has always felt the presence of spirits.  Here is her website:

We headed back super early on Wednesday morning.  CZ did kick the bucket while we were gone but our neighbor got a new one and we told Lewis it was CZ with a new shell.   He fell for it, even though the new one is about 1/2 the size of the original CZ.   He definitely wanted to believe.

I came back and cleaned out my pantry and laundry room.  Love doing that type of thing!!  Loving to do that doesn't fit my personality but I love getting rid of stuff.  I then started on the basement and my car is full of bags for charity.  We had a great weekend and Tracy and I went to the coolest place, King Cotton.  It is on Greensprings and has so much fabric with great prices.  Tons of selection and you can check out 10 samples for a week

Taxslayer man at the worst Mexican restaurant ever

swinging bridge

waiting for the parade

waiting for the parade
Getting ready for the ghost tour and looking at her pictures of spirits
a ghost swings in this swing

Supposedly a ghost did the dishes in this house

Some of the founding people of Amelia Island

This is a house with a taby finish, concrete and crushed shell mixed together
This is supposed to be a streak of light representing a spirit.

This is supposed to be an orb