Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love Glee not Grocery

I can't wait for Glee to start again.  I love that show!!  I think I might have talked Brian into watching it with me.  I showed him a Sue clip...and he was laughing out loud ( well kind of).  Brian never watches any TV except for sports, really.  So we will see.  I think I am a little in love with Finn and Will.  Rob tried out for show choir this year (don't know if he made it) so maybe that is fueling my obsession.

Cooked supper tonight, I totally just made up a recipe.  I have this rebellious side to me that does not like to follow a recipe sometimes.  Italian seasoning, chicken, bread crumbs and mozzarella cheese over pasta.  I even put a can of biscuits sideways in a cake loaf pan to be a faux French bread.  It turned out ok except for the faux French, the middles of the biscuits did not cook all the way so I had to flip them back over.  I also hate to go to the grocery so I just "Make It Work."

I have to make some Easter bunny ears out of fruit rollup for Lewis's party on Friday.  I don't have a visual but I will try my best.  I am thinking of getting Rob the one touch toothpaste dispenser for Easter.  He has been wanting one, he is still a sucker for advertisements.  Well my snoring man with the mask is waiting for me to turn off the light......

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