Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mice stink

From, saw it and thought it was appropriate

Officially I hate mice.  They have taken up residence behind my kitchen cabinets.  So much for the exterminator's opinion in September that it was just one mouse and there were no signs infestation.  He claimed to find no entry spots.  BS.....I saw one a Monday night and freaked.  Then we looked closer and found three holes under the kitchen cabinets where they had been installed wrong.

So I called Critter Gitters and they quoted $250.00 and $40.00 per mouse.  I was signing up and then my friend from work pumped me up about getting them myself.  He told me to get a bunch of sticky pads, two traps with peanut butter and some stuff called "Great Stuff."  My other friend Chris told me "Don't call them until you find 10."  I found signs of infestation under the sink and in the pantry.  It was so gross!!!  Great Stuff is great stuff though.  It is this cool foam that expands to fill a space.  Love it but it is sticky as hell.  I have some permanantly  stuck on my hands.  Does not come off with fingernail polish remover friends warned me about that.....I guess I didn't believe them.  Should have worn gloves, but I digress.....The first night we caught three!!

We caught one more the next night.  None the next....But then tonight my dear sister discovered mouse turds in 4 drawers.  Removed the drawers and sanitized and realized more freaking holes in the back of the cabinets.  So worked on plugging them up with aluminum foil and more great stuff.

I really really really hate mice.  Right up there with lice, which I unfortunately learned about a couple of years ago.

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