Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tanning in Luverne and headless Santa

We are at the beach for part of spring break and it is freezing.  We were out at Seaside watching an Irish band perform and it was so cold.  We watched little girls in wiglets (Toddler's and Tiara's reference) doing an Irish jig.  Michael and Lewis loved it.

We went through rural Alabama coming down here and there was nothing but churches and houses.  Hardly any gas stations...we found one to stop at because I was getting car sick ( All that crazy reading I mentioned before).  Inside there was a young lady with no teeth playing cards with an old man.  She was cussing a blue streak.  The lady at the checkout had a spiral bound notebook with Tanning Record 2010 written on it in black sharpie.  I guess they had a tanning bed stashed somewhere in the back.  I know I would have found some furry friends there if I set out some sticky traps.  Bright spot, Brian found cinnamon tic tacs at the establishment.  His favorite and they are very hard to find, we looked online to ask tic tac about the shortage and there was only a mailing address....very strange.  We were too lazy to send a snail mail.

Enjoying time with the kiddos, Brian, and friends though, despite the weather.  Still loving my books, reading about an old ghost in New Orleans.  Pretty good so far.  One other random thought:  we were driving by a house in the neighborhood where we are staying and I spotted a headless LARGE Santa (the kind that sings and dances.  It was about 6 feet tall and headless....creepy.

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