Friday, March 19, 2010

The Joy of Mamaw

We really enjoyed our rent free getaway.  It was so cold though, at one point I was on the beach in jeans, sweatshirt, North Face and fleece blanket at about 2:00 in the afternoon.   Of course it was going to be 70 degrees today the day we were leaving.  We loved being with Whitney, Marsha and Michael though, my kind of easy-going travelers.

I was thinking we had done a great job at taking care of the house we stayed in and then Clara accidently broke a fish, bowl/candle holder.  I told Clara she would have to leave a note with the $25.00 we were leaving to pay for the bowl/candle holder.  The only thing she could find to write on was a thank you note I had in my car.  She began her note by thanking the owners for letting us stay in their house.  She then said there had been “a horrible accident” and she broke the fish/bowl.  She said she was so sorry and left my email address for them if $25.00 was not enough.  She then drew a cute picture of a happy fish (the bowl/candleholder before it was cracked in half).

We are heading to Moss Point to see Mamaw and Mimi, Paw Paw will be off hunting.   Mamaw is Brian’s 83 year old grandmother.  She broke her pelvis (Brian called it a lower back injury on the church prayer request list,  pelvis was too improper in Fuller’s mind) in January when she fell at the Mexican restaurant.  I know what you are thinking but it was after church with her friends.  She  is doing great after several hard months.  She drove home from Wayne Lee’s (local grocery store) the other day which was a big accomplishment.  She is so full of life and laughs .  She does worry but not in a negative way.  She also has a 86 year old boyfriend who comes to see her all the time.  Mamaw ( who is Methodist) said he is a good Christian but she will never go to church with him because he is Church of God ;).   I hope I live to be just like Mamaw.   She enjoys life so much even though she has survived two beloved husbands and many dear friends.  She was laughing so hard the other night at my mice stories.   We are very happy that she is doing so well and look forward to many more fun times with Mamaw.

PS I just found out Mamaw watches "the news with the blond girl"  (Inside Edition) everyday at 3:00 to keep current.  She knew the name of Jesse James's mistress before I did.

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  1. Meg, always enjoy your family stories. I am glad to hear that Susan and Mrs. Parks are doing so well. Please tell them "hello" for me. Amanda still calls Susan Aunt Susan, and I will always think of her as my sister-in-law. Happy you had such a nice vacation.
    Love to you, Brian, Rob, Clara & Lewis