Monday, March 22, 2010

Macs don't like DVDs

One of the reason I bought a Mac instead of a PC was because of the media features.  One project I wanted to tackle was putting all our home videos on my mac and edit them.  I have some in DVD, some I need to convert to DVD with my recorder and then some I will connect the video camera to my mac.  Well after trying for a couple of hours in the car to import the DVDs I finally called Apple support and they told me you can't import DVDs on to a mac with IMovie.  What???  They said it was an attempt to prevent copying commercial DVDs.  They said I would have to get another software to import the DVDs with.  So I did and solved that issue.

Then I realized I need a firewire cable.  I bought one that would not fit into the mac book pro and another that would not fit into my camcorder.  Then out of desperation I pulled out my old camcorder manual and it said they had provided a cord with the camcorder and only that one would work.  So then I had to look through all the zillion black usb cords we had until I found it.  Now I am cooking with grease!!!  The long process has begun.  I am watching one now of fat baby Lewis rolling around in my bed and Rob trying to read him a story.  The videos are priceless.  They were all such happy babies and toddlers.  Rob was always talking and Clara was always climbing on something or dancing.  Not much has changed.

Back to work tomorrow, it will be good to see my little friends and my big friends.  The kids have their first games tomorrow night.  Two at 5:30 and one at 7:00.

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