Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet Child of Mine is singing Sweet Child o Mine

I went to Rob's practice for the band he joined for the battle of the bands at the middle school expo.  He is the lead singer (there is a female lead singer too but she has strep throat) and some of his friends are guitars and drums.  One of the songs they are singing is Sweet Child O Mine.  It is so funny.  Tonight I couldn't stand it and jumped in to help out.  The old Baptist church choir days kicked in.  I was asking "Where is his sheet music, he needs sheet music!!"  So I downloaded it tonight.  Wanted Dead or Alive is the other one and it is a little easier.  They were saying he didn't really need it, that he could just listen to the ipod but my kind of musical past kicked in.  I have also promised I would design some T-shirts, their name is Five Vibe Republic (what the heck??).  Considering the performance is in a week they might have to be iron on.

So I went from not really caring to being a stage mom in about 5 minutes.  Kind of like Toddler and Tiaras.  Full day tomorrow of baseball, choir performance, and softball but we are having donuts for breakfast!!  We bought Clara this undershirt thing for pitching called Evoshield, it is way cool.  She wore it tonight and it hardens on her body and then you take it off and it hardens over night.  It is supposed to protect her from line drives to the chest or kidneys.  The cute 19 year old boy who was helping me with it was a little embarrassed when I asked "How long will she be able to wear it?" and he said "Ummm it actually last longer for boys than girls, as they becomes restricting and they have to get a larger size."  Too funny.

We tried to sing 99 red ballons too, weird lyrics by the way...something about software.....then the guitarist said "It is about war!"

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  1. so cute... wish we could see Rob perform!