Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I had lost my keys, but planted flowers anyway.

I got up bright and early this morning after a late night at the ballpark.  The Cubbies finished about 10:00.  I had gone walking before the game and had given my junk to a friend to watch while I walked and talked with Pam.  I was going to walk by myself and I saw Pam and got her to walk with me.  My friend Jennifer kept calling me  on my fancy Iphone and I could not hear her at all.  "Jennifer must be in a bad cell or something" we said.  After trying to call her back about 5 times I gave up.  After my walk I realized why I could not hear her.  I still had the headphones plugged in,Jenn could her everything we said , but we couldn't hear her yelling into the phone to try to get our attention.  Needless to say, I thought this was hilarious, so I was kind of distracted in retrieving all my junk from my friend who was watching it.  Fast forward to this morning, I could not find my keys anywhere.  I called my sweet hubby who was already downtown by 7:45 am and told him I could not find my keys.  He said "You didn't leave them at the ballpark did you?"  "Why would I take them to the ballpark?"  I said, "You drove us there."   Silly man.  He said he would come bring me his keys.  So he was back at home by 8:30.  I thought I would drop by the park and look at the field in case.  So I had dressed up a little for work and I ran back in my new cute flip flops to the field.  I had blisters by the first bridge.  As I was then walking, I realized how beautiful the day was.  Usually the park is loud with scooters, the crack of bats,  and the crazy mom's screaming.  It was quiet except for the birds and the stream.  I was struck by the God's presence in that moment.   I immediately let go of the stress of the lost keys.  I started to think, so what, I will just get new keys made.  It will take some of my mad money but that is alright.  God is in control.

Went to work and emailed my friend from the ballpark.  She said she would look in her bag when she got off work.  Had a great day with my little friends.  Shannon and I went down to the youth area and picked out some plants they were selling for missions.  I got two very large ferns and some knockout roses.  Shannon and I loaded up our cars after work.  I swung by Wal-mart and got some cute stuff.  One of them was a cute knit dress that smelled like fried chicken but hey it was $12.00.   Ran to get Clara at art and told the kids if they found the keys them would get $20.  I told them we would look after we planted our plants.  We all got out in the yard and hacked away at our rocky soil.  I mean I think they filled this one raised bed of ours with rocks and then added a little dirt.  Rob and I cut some unknown black wire, pretty bad me being a power company bride.  I got Rob to run it over to my neighbor and ask him what it was.  He said no worries it is just some old cable wire and that he had cut it too when he put in the sprinkler system.  We had a great time getting dirty, finding worms, and a bunch of rocks.

We had planted the two ferns and the knockout roses when I got a text that my friend had my keys!!!  Great news, we map quested their address and went to get them.  I thanked them and left a happy girl.  I ran a red light on the way home and laid on the horn because I thought the other person was running the red light.   How embarrassing, I pulled into the Publix parking lot to avoid being behind her anymore.  I took the kids to Krystals, a blast from the past.   We came home and watched Glee.  What a great day!!  God gave me just the perspective I needed to appreciate this beautiful day.

My dad showed one of his clients who is a jazz musician Five Vibe's video on you tube.  He doesn't even have a computer in his office, so it was on his iPhone.  The musician said they were pretty good, for beginners.  Rob was flattered but I was more flattered my Dad was proud enough to show Five Vibe off.  It takes a lot to impress Bob.

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