Saturday, April 17, 2010

Roofs and such

I think I might be getting a new roof.  The road to the possible new roof has been a little bumpy.  I had someone come by and want to look at my roof.  He used some binoculars to look up there and said we had 3 spots, one from hail and two from wind.  Needless to say I was kind of distracted by my kids being home so I didn't really question his super vision.  I called my insurance company to file a claim per his instructions.    The roof guy was supposed to come by on my flower planting day  but didn't show until I was in the car  running that light and retrieving my keys.  So the next morning I did a little research on this company.  They wanted me to sign a contract stating I would sign all insurance checks over to them and they would keep any overage that the insurance paid.  Then I found they didn't have a BBB rating anymore because of unresolved complaints.  I had a friend that used them, got their new roof, and then had to have it redone because they had installed it incorrectly.  I thought I would give the company a chance by calling the rep and requesting an estimate before we signed a contract.  I asked about the BBB and the super vision.  All the guy said was "I would like the opportunity to sit down and tell you more about our company."  I said ok, after I get an estimate, he said he had to go but would call me back.  That was three days ago.

So now I have had 3 roofers give me estimates and one really inspect our roof.  The guy who climbed up there and looked said we had tons of damage on the roof and the gutters.   So the adjuster will have the final say but hopefully we  (I) have saved ourselves $10,000.  Great day at the ball parks today,  OMI, Heardmont and then Chelsea.  The first time Rob got up to bat Brian was coaching him the whole time.  He struck out.   Then I went over and told Brian not to open his mouth the next time Rob got up to bat and see what happens.  He did and Rob got a great hit to left field.  The other 2 times he got up the same thing.  So we have a new coaching technique at the plate.  Those who know how quiet Brian can be would not believe how much he talks when coaching the Fuller kids.  I think the peeps are distracted by the volume of words coming out of his normally word sparse mouth.

I got so ill with the kids this morning about them not putting up their clothes when I asked them.  Wasn't pretty but I think they got the picture.  I hate putting away clothes too, I guess it is a genetic trait.  Clara played two games today and she loved it.  She is a mysterious creature to me, I love how she is brave, tough, aggressive and kind at the same time.  My slim, tall, blond girl is very different from the plump, crazy curly black headed (in the days before mouse) and uncoordinated  girl I was.

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  1. We got a new roof and are pleased with it. Our contractor neighbor's crew put it on. Let me know if you want his number.

    P.S. My daughter is a mysterious creature to me, too!