Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to not clean your grill racks

Brian wanted to grill burgers Wednesday night.  So I thought I would surprise him with a nice clean grill.  First I tried to wipe them down and then decided to try a method I had heard about.  I put all the racks in the oven and turned on the self cleaning option.  BIG MISTAKE!! Within about 10 minutes my entire kitchen was filled with smoke and it kept coming.  I quickly pushed cancel.   It took about 10 additional minutes to stop.  Then when I could get it open smoke billowed out.  Soon the house was very smokey.  I was thankful the smoke alarms didn't go off, but I also wondered why they didn't go off.  Then the house and me smelled like I had been smoking boston butts for about 3 hours.  Lesson learned.

I went to a meeting tonight for OMMS football.  I can't believe my guy is old enough for jr high football.  Lots of practices, I sure hope he likes it.  I guess he will never know until he tries it.   I guess if I learned about baseball and basketball I can learn about football.  I hope he doesn't get smooshed.   Anybody want to buy car wash tickets?

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