Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lewis's obsession with insects that bite

Lewis has asked me at least 25 questions about bees today.  He is scared of them.  He asked me all about how bees make honey. What do bees eat?    He asked me if bee babies are cute like baby alligators, I said I guess so.  He is using the trick of picturing these scary creatures as babies to make himself feel sympathy for them.

We had another practice for 5 Vibe (the girl shortened it) tonight.  The drummer was not there and Brian filled in as the drummer.  Who knew my hubby could play the drums like that?  He and his Mom told me he played drums in Jr. High but I was picturing a little snare drum not a drum set.  The girl got the boys organized and kept them moving, just what they needed.  They are sounding better all the time.

We bought Clara new catching equipment because the park equipment kept popping off on the legs.  So today in the game her new equipment kept coming open too.  Each time Clara would fix it.  Finally the ump said "Hey Coach can someone tighten them up a little bit?"  Thank you ump!!  All the dad's acted like they didn't know how to fix them, such a simple answer.  Then my catcher in pink equipment ( which she did not want, but it was on sale and the simple black ones were a cheap brand that didn't offer enough protection) was happy the rest of the game.

Just found "The Princess Bride" on TV. Love it so.  The man in black just told Andre the Giant to dream of large women.

We will be singing my favorite hymn tomorrow at church.  Christ the Lord is Risen Today!  I am so thankful for what my Lord has done for me.  Happy Easter.  Bock, Bock

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