Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wompy Kid and the Raygun Administration

Lewis has started reading and I tried to see if he would be interested in reading Junie B. Jones.  He read a chapter and then was bored.  So I thought maybe he didn't have the attention span for a chapter book.  Then somehow he heard about "The Diary of the Wimpy Kid."  He told me "I want to read those Wompy Kid books."  So I let him take one to school on the bus, even though I thought it probably was not "appropriate" for a Kindergartener.  In fact in the school library  only lets 2nd or 3rd graders check them out.  He loved the first one, we couldn't find the 2nd and has read the 3rd too.  He was giving me the cheese touch last night.  The life of a 3rd kid.

We went to a great birthday party Saturday night for a couple of friends.  They had an eighties band called "The Raygun Administration." They played such awesome tunes.  We had a babysitter so we only stayed out until midnight.  We would have stayed up later for this band.  They were cuties like the Jonas Brothers, but sang all our favorites.  They did a hard rock version of "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul.  I was singing all the words and thinking I know this song, but what is it?  They sang Prince, Poison, Cyndi Lauper, Guns N Roses, and Billy Idol.  I couldn't believe how many of the words just came right back.  It was like old times.

I got a new pillow on the suggestion of "Ms Judy Anacker" at CASA.  It is a memory foam pillow without the contour.  The first night I slept on it I slept until 11:00 am (before you think I am a sloth, I was up until 12:00 trying to make sure the barely "pre" teens at my house were off to sleepy time).   Then during the rainy Saturday I took a two-hour nap.  Love my pillow!!

My guys worked on some projects for me around the house on Saturday and Sunday.  It was great.  Rob was my indentured servant because he left his cell phone in his pocket and I washed it.  When Clara discovered it, I took it apart and brought it back to life.  I let it sit in a bowl of rice over night and low and behold it started working.  It had a few bubbles on the background but I guess this phone was either designed for careless not quite teenagers or my front loader was not as hard on it.

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