Monday, April 12, 2010

We almost missed Five Vibe

Had a great day Saturday.  Rob had a game at 9:00 and they won.  We then took Lewis to a birthday party which included an obstacle course.  I dropped him off, he was so excited.  One of the activities at the party was an obstacle course.  They had to go through a tunnel, climb a rock climbing wall, down a pole,  up a rope ladder and across the monkey bars.  I asked him if he was able to go across the monkey bars and he said yes, but I had to have a widdle help.   He explained that SOME kids were scared.  I knew Lewis had never gone across monkey bars or slid down a pole.

We went to Hamburger Heaven and there were some cute Phi Mus washing cars for the Children's Miracle Network.  Rob was sitting with some of his friends inside and I asked if they wanted to tell the cute girls that we would take a car wash.  They were up like a flash.   So funny they were picking out which ones they liked through the window.   We then chilled out at home before going to Lewis and Clara's games that were at 4:00.  Rob practiced with his band all afternoon and then we were going to meet him at the Expo after Clara's game.  He was texting me during Clara's game saying they were watching the competition.  He said they would be the 11th band and they were only on 4.  After the game we were gathering all of the kids gear up when Rob called and said they were on next.  My Mom, Brian, Clara, Lewis and I all flew to the car and sped off to the gig. Clara was crying because she was afraid she would miss it.  Momma started laughing and I yelled at her, "It won't be funny if we miss it."  Not one of my best moments, I know.  Then Brian dropped us off and we ran in very dramatically not stopping to pay our $2.00 each at the gate.  "We will come back and pay!!!"

We made it just in time.  Clara ran up to Rob to hug him and then remembered they were in public and gave him a mental hug. Clara and Lewis were full uniform, cleats and all (we had brought tennis shoes and had left them in the car) Rob and the other Five Vibers were loose and ready to go.  Rob had texted all his buddies that were there riding rides and eating deep fried Reeses ( I was eating one of those later) and asked they to come watch.  By that time we realized they had some stiff competition, there was one group who had their own CD and I thought the judges would be impressed by iron t-shirt!!  They performed great, the best they had ever done.  The group who won were middle schoolers, and an older brother of one of the Five Vibers was in it.  Rob said they were awesome, something to aspire to.  I was secretly glad the 21 year old soloist didn't win.

Here is the video

We stayed almost to closing and the kids met up with friends.  We had such a great time and Lewis even rode a pretty scary ride 5 times (kind of like the Mattahorn, MS fair reference).  I really did eat a deep fried Reeses, I probably won't again but it was a great one time treat.   Now Rob wants to learn to play the bass, to further develop the Vibe.

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  1. I love the band! Awesome. Great song choices.