Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hold my headgear while I kiss your girlfriend

I had a busy week.  The preschool where I work had their Christmas programs Monday and Tuesday.  I had to operate the video cameras for the Monday performance.  The church has several cameras in the sanctuary and so it was a little more complicated than I thought it would be.  It was fun though getting to learn something new and to play with a new toy.  The kids did a great job and were so proud of themselves.  We had a brunch after the program on both day.  It was fun working as a team to get everything done!!
The boys got a haircut on Wednesday.  Lewis was horrible.  He cried and threw a fit the whole time.  I hate taking him to get him haircut.  I sent him to his room when we got home and he had to clean it up.  I was so ill with him.  Rob just got a little trim.

Thursday night I had all my co-workers over for our CASA Christmas party.  I didn't get very stressed, I didn't have time to.  I just enjoyed it.  I love working with these ladies.  I have a great boss too!

We had wrestling Friday night and Rob got to wrestle twice.  He lost one pretty quick and won the other by points ( you get different point for different moves).  The kid he wrestled against just basically laid on his stomach and would not move.  He was too heavy for Rob to turn over and pin, even though he tried mightily.  The kid got a major bloody nose half way through and Rob had it all on his arms.  Rob was asking later why he had to wipe off that kid's blood!!??? Really??  He ended up beating him 13-2 and just waited that turtle out.  There was one kid from Oak Mountain that got literally power driven into the mat the first play of a match.  He got a concussion and possibly a broken nose.  It was so horrible.  The kid was penalized.  That team only knew how to fight not wrestle and it was scary.  I was so proud when one of our kids pinned the slammer the next day.  The kids got t-shirts from the match,  Rob and Coleman wanted the bible verse on the back but they were out and they got the following instead.....Coleman- "Hold my headgear while I kiss your girlfriend"  Rob- "Wrestling is what real men do when the boys are playing basketball."  It is funny though wrestling is such a manly sport the mamas are all up in it.  We mamas are taking care of all the kids.  It has been nice though for Rob to make some older friends and make closer friendships with boys he already knew.
Clara, Brian and I worked in her room last night to build some storage.  It turned out great!!  She needed it.

Happy Birthday to my gal Sal!!!  Sallie Youngblood is 41 today and I am so thankful for her friendship!!