Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gator Bowl bound

We left early this morning to drive to Jacksonville, FL for the Gator Bowl.  It was a long drive but I worked on putting all my pics for the year in a photo book.  I got to 100 pages by July.  So 2010 will have two books.  I also downloaded some books and tv shows.  I love technology.  It is amazing how peaceful it makes the car rides with the kids. 
I got all our Christmas put up before we left, actually Rob moved all the boxes to the attic for me.  So great having a boy who is able and willing to help.  We are staying at Amelia Island and it is really a nice area from what we can tell.  Everyone is pretty friendly except for the Russian guy who was running an antique mall. For starters when we walked in he said we are closing in 5 minutes, obviously he was not the owner.   I took a beat up Mr. Magoo book of comics from the 1970's upfront to buy for Lewis and he said it would be $10.00.  I said what?? and he said it is written right here $9.45.  I bet that book sits there for another 10 years.  I think he might have been one of those exchange type workers that they recruit for tourist town, kind of like the kids that work at Alabama Adventure.

We went to a restaurant call Jack and Diane's and no lie it had 6 tables inside and more outside.  I couldn't believe how small it was, but it had a great menu.  It had crepes, a tasters menu, bowls of all kinds of combinations and pizzas.

The sign in front of the restaurant said Welcome Bulldogs and Wolverines and any other critters. 

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