Saturday, January 1, 2011

I didn't know Admiral Ackbar and the Jawas were going to be here!!

This morning we got up and went back to the downtown area.  I happened to walk in a store first where all the clothes were $20.00.  It was owned by a foreign (I think a Baltic country) couple and she told me if I bought stuff that cost more than $20, I was paying too much.  I got 6 shirts for $125.  They were things like you would find in Charming Charlie's.  Some I would never wear but the things I did get I loved.  Clara and I spent about 45 minutes in there.  I went to ask the lady a question, and I heard her tell her husband, "That display looks like sh--" He said, " You think it looks like sh--?"  She said "Yes sh--"  They were hilarious.  She gave me a pair of earrings and Clara a bracelet.  Great experience.

Then we wandered around some more and found a store where everything was $10.  She had all accessories, I had to buy a few things..... We then went to eat lunch and then headed to the parade.  It was interesting, it was the longest parade I had ever gone to and the most random.  You can tell from the pictures below.
We then went to the Riverwalk to eat pizza.  Brian had to wait in line for 30 minutes to get a table, but everywhere was packed.  We then drove over to where the New Year's Eve party for MSU fans was.  It was a mad house.  It was all outside and the restaurant said they had no idea that there would be that kind of turnout.  What?  You could probably count on all the MSU fans coming because what else did we have to do?  So we wandered around looking for people we knew.  It was kind of weird seeing so many vaguely familar faces but not remembering their names.  It would have been fun if we had planned to meet a big group of folks but we didn't.  The line of the food, beer and potties were loooooong, it kind of reminded me of the Bon Jovi concert.  We decided to leave about 9:30, my kids learned the lesson that New Years Eve is the most overrated holiday.

This was a plus sized princess

Bobby Bowden

The randomness of this parade, right up my alley!!!

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