Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What happens in the Quest stays in the Quest

We traded in our 2004 Nissan Quest yesterday.  I got an used Buick Enclave.  I am a very techy girl but I was definitely in a time wrap as far as my Quest was concerned.  I was in heaven with the whole navigation concept and OnStar.  The only issue I have is my southern accent and OnStar voice calling understanding me, but in my defense On Star couldn't understand my friend Sallie either.  Trading in our van got me thinking about the memories we had in that van.

  • Bought it the month before Lewis was born
  • Roughly150 trips to Mississippi and back
  • Brought Lewis home from the hospital
  • Went to Disney 2 times with an extra special visit to Disney Car care- here we had the experience of riding in a pleasure van with velour seats with no seat belts and the guy was from Arkansas and drove like a bat out of hell
  • Went to Dallas
  • Went to Cooperstown, NY
  • Went to Atlanta for Braves games
  • Played Praise Baby for Lewis about 100 times
  • Took us to Jacksonville, FL to the Gator Bowl
  • Took us to the beach about 25 times
  • I once had 4 tickle me Elmos in the back and swiped a parked car at the Summit, they started giggling went I hit him, freaked me out
  • The Quest is where 2 of Clara's boyfriends when she was 4 planned to both marry her and assigned certain days for each
  • Where I cried when I found out Lewis was going to have another surgery on his feet
  • Where I heard so many precious conversations between Rob and his friends, boys love to talk in the car
  • It was made in my hometown Canton, MS
  • It was thrown up in many times
  • It was where I would let Crazy Clara slept in the garage after CASA so she would take a nap (she would fall asleep on the way home)
  • One winter Lewis, Sallie and I must have listened to Life is Highway about 50 times
  • Where I received so much good news on my cell phone over the years
  • One time Sallie's elderly cat Bubba got in my van and I didn't know it until I heard the meow
  • One time a cat (I think Sugar) climbed in the front seat and peed on the mat, in the cat's defense I did leave the door open for 15 minutes ( I was on the phone and forgot about it)
  • The van that some bag boys said was cool, I don't really know if that was a sincere compliment
  • Many trips to Inverness pool
  • Inspired Tommy and Sallie to get their own Quest (but it had all the cooler features, nav etc) (Sallie probably could write her own memories of the van)
  • Took our dog, Mary, to be put to sleep
  • Went to Ozark AL to get our new puppy
  • Went to the Prince concert in style with Pam
  • It spent about a week at Rickwood Radio
  • All these adventures and experiences and my Quest never let me down, just a few hiccups 

Thanks for the memories my friend.


  1. love it. now i'm sad that you sold it.

  2. Meg, what a great blog! What are the hopes and dreams for the Enclave? How will it ever compare?

  3. That's so exciting that you got a new car! Can't wait to check it out :) I have to admit, the Quest was a good van!