Tuesday, January 25, 2011

God's children in Uganda

Last Sunday the 17th we got to meet our friends adoptive children for the first time.  They live in Uganda.  We met them on Skype and it was amazing. skype with Uganda My friend, Amiee, has a blog detailing the story so far ourraysofhope.blogspot.com.   Before Amiee and Todd's kids got there we talked with some kids who live in a children's home in Uganda http://www.sozochildren.org.
It is a beautiful story of two young  men following God's commands.  This past week I have been consumed with thinking about these children.  We have met a man named, Saka Joel, who runs a school there and serves 200-300 children everyday.  Most of these children are orphans.  Their parents have died of AIDS, of other illness or have abandoned them.  I asked Joel if there was a child who was there who was interested in being adopted.  Joel said there were many.  He told me about a girl who was 7 named Brenda, I decided to send her some funds to help her and her grandmother.  I asked Joel about her health too.  Joel sent me a sad note back saying Brenda has the "sickness", both of her parents had died of AIDS.  She wrote me the most beautiful notes below:

 I really was feeling God might want us to adopt a child from Uganda.  I didn't know how I would feel about a child with AIDS but ......  To make a very long story short, we are not adopting.  We looked and prayed about a two year old that needed a family.  She really had my heart but we had to look at things realistically too.

Here is the little girl scovia, she is 2 years old, mother died and she stays with Dad in that small 8 by 6 room shack. We are considering moving her to our home because she is in a real bad situation.
She needs to get on a better diet and this will help in her development. She is two years but has delayed to walk because she was malnourished
Otherwise she is a happy girl and seeing her smile makes you forget what she is going through

Pastor Wilfred Blair Rugumba
P.O.Box 16559
Kampala, Uganda.

I did realize that I am naturally a risk taker and I had forgotten that about myself.  I am not sure what God wants to do with that, but I intend to embrace it when it comes my way.  Uganda has more orphans than any other country.  There are so many children who would love to be supported or adopted.  Grandmothers are willingly giving up their grandchildren to make sure that they have a safe and healthy home.  Below is a terrific blog that can give you more information:
blog about a Brentwood Tennesse girl who adopted Ugandan children
I guess God's plan for me to help Amiee and Todd with their new blessings, I will be privileged.  Her daughter, Joan, is deaf and 6 years old.  Lewis is just obsessing about who is older him or Joan.  Dereck is her little brother who is 4.  I can't wait to meet them. 

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