Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Brooky gets bit

I have started couponing again.  I use this awesome site  She lists all the sales at the area stores and tells you what coupons to use.  She has links to online coupons that you can print, all you have to do is turn over all your information, subject yourself to spam and the coupon is yours. Unless the company decides they have given away too many 50 cent coupons.  I don't really understand why the companies want you to work so hard for a coupon.  Then the coupon lady advises you don't clip your coupons, just save them in a folder and she will tell you when to use it according to what is on sale.

I had my first rude cashier at Publix with all my coupons.  I saved 82 dollars but I still spent $200.  She was put out when I asked her if I could put my coupons up there by her while I unloaded my groceries.  Walgreens was wonderful, as usual, they love to see you save money with coupons.  Heck Ms Lou keeps coupons in a box in case you need some.  CVS was fine and helpful.  Rite Aid really ticked me off.  The clerk was complaining very loudly about couponers way before I checked out.  She said "I think these couponers are starting to use illegal coupons ??I am going to check each items and be sure they match before I check them out."  She was true to her word, she treated me like I was shoplifting or something.  She laid all the items out and read each coupon.  I thought that was what the computers were for.  She also told me three times that these blink eye drops would qualify for a $7 rebate,  She was wrong, they didn't....I realized I am not a rebate girl unless it prints out at the register.  Cash flow is often motivation for couponing so paying more and then getting it back doesn't make sense for me.

I also realized that I could waste all kinds of money on toiletries, I am a sucker for them.  Heck I bought Burt's Bees lotion for $7 because I could save $2.  So when I spend $70 with coupons at Rite Aid I think I am missing the point.  So I will be better next week.

Lewis got the Wipeout Wii game for Christmas and it has created another obsession.  Lewis is in the living room now watching Winter Wipeout that he taped (I am a girl of the 80's) for the third time.  He laughs every time, so hard.  I love it.

Rob had wrestling this weekend but didn't get to actually get to wrestle.  He is a great teammate though, seriously sometimes I am more proud of that fact than I am of him winning a match. The coachs do a great job of letting as many kids as possible wrestle.  Our team is twice as large as most squads so it is hard to spread it around.   He will get to wrestle next weekend though.  Wrestling has really grown on me though, I think it is a great sport.  It encourages strength, teamwork and stamina.  Rob says it is harder than football but he loves it.  It doesn't matter if you are little, there is someone your size to wrestle you. You learn to wear a singlet (male unitard) and be proud of it.   You also learn to fight for your life (or at least not to get pinned), not being overly dramatic but I would probably give up after about 10 seconds.  It is like one of the moms said, they are doing all the things you taught them not to do on the preschool playground.  Some kid from Bumpus Middle School bit a kid from Mountain Brook last night, needless to say that did not go over well.  The Bumpus kid claimed he had in his mouthpiece in and couldn't have done it.  The proof was on the singlet, there were bite marks in the singlet.  This is what it looks like:

I might have mentioned this before but 7 boys that wrestle are also in the show choir with Rob. We have our own Oak Mountain Glee.   Showchoir season is next, we will see what that is all about, can't wait!!


  1. Does Jerry Toole still direct the show choir at OMMS? My youngest, Ben, was in show choir. I never could figure that one out because our family is notorious for being tone deaf.

  2. Yes Mr. Toole does. He does such a great job.

  3. Meg, I'm going to checkout the coupon website tonight. I know grocery shopping is a great area for me to cut back on spending. Thanks for inspiring me once again!