Saturday, December 25, 2010

How was your Christmas?

I have to admit I am a little glad the Christmas season is over.  I think my favorite week of the year is the week after Christmas.  We usually get a few projects done and are lazy too.  I think I might just do the lazy part this year.
We went to Mississippi last week on Saturday.  Rob got out of the wrestling tournament the first night and I fearfully asked the coach if he could miss the next day so we could leave to go out of town.  He actually said yes, so we left after Lewis's basketball game.  Clara had been saying her throat hurt, so I looked in there and it didn't look that bad.  I gave her some cold medicine and let her sleep in the car.  We visited with all the Montgomery babies and had a great time.  Clara seemed a little better.
By that night though she seemed worse.  We said we would take her to the after hours Sunday morning.  There was only one place in the Jackson area open, so Brian and Clara waited 3 hours.  She had the flu, so it was a good thing we took her.  I also realized when we got there I had left Kathleen's present at home.  I also left my camera charger at home, I got a universal charger in Tuscaloosa at Radio Shack and had to return it in Starkville because it wouldn't work.  The guy in Starkville showed us one that worked, so that problem was solved.  Before I left for Mississippi I promised myself I wouldn't sweat the small stuff, I didn't but I realized some people DO sweat the small stuff.  That's all I am gonna say about that. 
The two faces of Charlie

Ruthie and Claude (the dog)


Sweet Ruthie

Did she look like she had the flu?

Da Plane, Da Plane

Rob and Ruthie sittin' in a tree

Ruthie is sitting on the Ewok Village, some collectors would be appalled

Mont, Claude, Gladys and Elizabeth

My parents and the grandkids

I gave one of the boys a doctor's kit           

We then went to Moss Point to see Brian's family. 
Lewis actually got two kid sized sharks

The Fullers and The Baumhauers

Fishing with Paw Paw

The only thing caught

Mamaw (great grandmother)

They all sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve

I think I have this shot every year
Lewie and Charlie

Shark #2

Checking out the stockings

 We had an unexpected White Christmas this year.  It really was beautiful!!

 I cleaned out my coat closet, I found a couple of things in there that smelled like beef jerky.  A headband and a coat.  Not sure why..........

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