Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally got a North Face

I have been wanting a North Face fuzzy jacket all winter.  My kids all have one but I have been too cheap to bite the bullet and get one for me.  Today I did, I found one for $99.00 that I love.  It is white, fluffy and cozy.  I shouldn't have waited this long.  I know I will use it a bunch this spring though at the ball park.  I also found two pairs of waterproof shoes with tennis shoe bottom, I love waterproof shoes!!  They are the best for all the time I spend at the ball park.  I bought Keens last summer these are Salomon's (for 30 bucks).

I got the sweetest note from our vet about Mary today.  So touching that she would care so much.   Watching some of the winter olympics, snowboarding is amazing!!   My six year old is completely obsessed with his ipod touch and so is his sister.  She is saving her money for one.   Haven't watched Lost yet, I hope it was better than last week.  Big Love was so good this week.  I love the new Nicki.

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  1. Hey! So glad you are blogging! It's addicting though... so watch out! You will wear your North Face ALL the time! Hope yall had fun tonight! You always make me laugh!