Sunday, May 9, 2010

"It's time to change!!"

Sometimes I am not a good sharer.  It probably goes back to my childhood, always having to share with three sisters.  Lately I am tired of sharing our kids.  They are starting to have such busy lives.   I told my husband today I feel like I am always bossed around, not by my kids but their schedules.  I love they have activities of their own but I just have to remember to let go.  I do not control their schedule anymore.  For years I had to control every minute detail of their schedule, routine and life.  It took me awhile to get used to that reality, now we have a new one.  I don't know why it was bugging me today, I guess it has been a year of reflection overall.

This summer will be different with activities scheduled pretty much all summer long, but I just need to relax and enjoy it.  I am just feeling a little selfish today, I was a little grumpy for mother's day.  I am so thankful to have my family and I just need to remember I am not the only navigator.  I also need to remember that there is only one navigator that matters, my God.   I am going to Chicago with my sister and dad on Wednesday, seems like this break could not come at a better time.  Maybe I will come home with a more sharing attitude.   In the computer class we teach we always set the timer to remind our friends to share, maybe this is my "ding."  We always say, "It's time to change!"


  1. Love reading your "life"! Love your transparency! This is so true for me right now too! Enjoy your trip to C-town! Love it there!

  2. OK Meg,
    I have just read through so many of your posts while waiting for the wet, stinky, football girdle to finish in the washing machine so that I could hang it up and go to bed. You know I am just learning about football uniform protocol, but anything that is that gross MUST be washed even if it is only Monday. I love your blog! I was laughing out loud -- probably because most of it could be about me too!! Keep them coming! We play ya'll Saturday at 3:00.
    Talk to you soon!