Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coco the Cowboy

I went tonight to Buffalo Wild Wings with Rob and some of his football friends.  I misunderstood what they were doing, I thought he said they always went there after practice but I couldn't imagine that a bunch of dads or moms did that at his age.  I was wrong, it really was just the coach getting everyone together for a social outing.  So we met the Reeves there and sat at a different table while the boys sat together.  Lewis didn't even make the cut.  Laurel comforted him with some crayons and a coloring sheet.  One of the boys said we could drop them off and go to the Italian place but we said, "Nah."

Lewis went to the Book Fair this week and guess what book he bought, I Love Sharks. Surprise, Surprise.  He got his hair cut today, it was probably the least traumatic time we have had with his haircut.  Lewis heads to China on Friday.  He told me the other night he had figured out he wasn't really going, he was disappointed but not devastated.

Loving work, if you ever want to feel good about yourself teach at a preschool.  Probably teaching computers helps, they love computers.  I love them.  I had one class where all of the boys gave me a hug today and another class all hugged Shannon.  They are so precious to me.  I love the women I work with too.  Shannon and I have a new brown mouse puppet that we talk to the kids with.  We had two white ones called Click and Double Click all last year.  They are back this year with a new friend who we named Coco the Cowboy and he has a great cowboy accent.   The white mice traveled all over last year to the National Championship, Vegas, Snow Skiing, and Canton, MS.  They love them and we love being dorks with them.

Clara has been playing fall ball and enjoying it.  Except for Sunday it was hot as snot.  I mean miserable.  I asked her in front of the ump if she needed some water (she was catching) and she said no.  The ump then yelled to Brian, "Coach get your catcher some water!"  He was not listening so the ump said again, "I said.....get your catcher some water, Coach!"  Brian hopped to it.  I have learned how to work it.

Rob's coach tonight kept calling me "Maam", I tried hard not to be offended.  He didn't know my first name and maybe he just didn't want to call me Mrs. Fuller.  Yeah right.  Oh well at least he has good manners.  He wants the football players who don't play basketball to wrestle.  I asked him if there were other 82 pounds boys for Rob to wrestle against.  He said they just had to be within 10 pounds.

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of family at the football game in Starkville this weekend.  I hope it cools off some but I won't bet on it.

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  1. Those a busy days when the kids are all involved in sports. Have a great weekend.