Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Show Choir makes me smile :)

Show choir season is here and I am hooked.  Rob's show choir has performed in two festivals in the last two weeks.  Both times I have been a chaperon on the bus.  Buses have come a long way since my junior high days.  All the kids enjoy themselves so much at these events.  The only complaint I heard from the bunch was when Mr. Toole made the boys sit at the front of the bus on the way home.  He wasn't born yesterday.   We watched Despicable Me on the way home, Mr. Toole asked if it was appropriate and I reassured him it was fine.
There were choirs from all over the Southeast in Albertville, AL.  It is amazing these are Middle School Show Choirs.  They could hold there own in any episode of Glee (except they don't have a Rachel).  The costumes are sparkly, flashy and so much fun.  The main requirement in show choir is to be "All In."  Boys and girls have to give it their all or everyone can tell they are not.  It is so great to see kids being so confident and brave in some of the most insecure years of their life.  There was one kid  who reminded me so much of Jack Black.  He had long hair and moved just like him.  In his everyday life he probably blends in some but last night he was a superstar.  I should have taken his picture. 

I don't know how Rob remembers all these dance moves, he has to get this from my Dad.  My Dad loves to dance and was voted best dancer at Canton High School.  At one point in Albertville it was 11:00 pm and I was sitting with 3 other girls in two seats.  The kids were dancing in the aisles to the music they were playing while the judges deliberated, it was sureal.  We came in 5th that night out of 13 or 14 schools, not too bad.  Something about show choir makes you smile!!

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