Sunday, February 17, 2013

What to do with all these rainy days.....

I have been enjoying doing so many projects around the house the last couple of weeks. I have some pictures of some makeovers. One piece I remodeled for my bathroom I had a while and it needed to be freshened up. It became a ton more useful too. The flour hole has necklaces hanging in it. The boys both have had their birthdays in the last two months. Rob is 15 and Lewis is 9. They both had AirWalk parties. Really there wasn't much difference between the two parties, the boys were just bigger at the 15 year old one. Rob got his permit on the first try, guess that mean I have to let him drive right? Clara was elected best all around girl on her team at the middle school. It was announced at the dance and she had a great time with her friends before the dance. They all looked so pretty. Tracy, her mom and I went on an excursion to Gadsden, Boaz and Attala. We found some friendship pyrex and a cool picture that was found in an old house in Mississippi. They were cleaning out an old house and found it hanging on the wall. When they removed it there was a hole in the wall that it was covering. Emma Kate's Cottage is where I found it, it was such a cool place and such great service too.

 We loved getting to see my sister Sarah and her family this weekend. They came for a wedding and we got to keep the little love muffin in the pictures.

Aren't they cute???

This is Lewis's Valentines box, same child who just read Moby Dick (abridged version) made this......

Let's just say there was no question who made it, no parental help with this one.  It was supposed to be about a book and his was Holes. 

My youngest Valentine

Lewis loving the chicken bones. He was going crazy naming them: "wishbone, femur and pelvis." 

Lewis's skeleton doing Gangam style at OMES
Another thrift store lamp redo, I redid the lamp shade with fabric

A piece I redid with paint and fabric on the doors. 

It used to be a dingy white with baby blue where the fabric is now. 

Now it is in my bathroom and I am using it for my jewelry.  I am also going to put some bathroom stuff in there.  

Just high gloss spray paint on thrift store lamps


Old cooler redo
They turned out pretty good

$20 at a thrift shop- Got twenty dollars in my pocket ....

A few new pieces of my friendship pyrex

A $15 find painted gray with spray paint

This is kind of what the milk jug looked like before except it was an ugly yellow color. 

After still a work in progress, I am going to redo the letters. 

I found this old framed piece of a wall at the wonderful place,
  Emma Kate's Cottage

We got to keep Max while his parents went to a wedding

NCIS I think

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