Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kiss my Grits

We are at the beach enjoying a leisurely life.  We are staying at Turqoise with all my family.  My parents, my three sisters, their husbands, and everyone's kids, totally 20 people.  Needless to say we never go out to eat.  We take turns cooking every night.  Last night Brian and I cooked shrimp and grits.  I cooked way too many grits, I mean way too many.  I asked Brian if we could feed them to the seagulls.  I always cook too much when I cook, I always feel it is better to have too much than not enough.  Sometimes that personality trait in me drives Brian crazy.

Clara and Brian are going home tomorrow for all star practice.  I am sad they are leaving, I will miss them.   Brian is like blood pressure medication for me.  We took our family pictures tonight, in all white of course, even though I tried to talk them into a change.  It is easier every year.  We have learned to appreciate the "bad pictures" and laugh when the little ones cry.  We do look a little like a cult out there, all white and all.  Honestly I am glad when they are over, they are pretty crazy.  Waiting for the oil to come, we saw little men with white shirts and green pants.   They worked for BP and were getting prepared for the oil invasion.

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