Sunday, June 6, 2010

Light up shoes and loud music

My baby wants some light up shoes.  We were in the Stride Rite outlet and my 6 year old discovered light up shoes for the first time.  He spotted some Buzz Lightyear light up shoes and he was in awe.  I know a six year old is too old for light up shoes but when you are the third kid you discover some things way to early and others a little late.  They didn't have any that fit him and I refused to pay more than 20 bucks for some light up shoes at the Stride Rite outlet.  Of course now we have had trouble finding any in his size anywhere else.  So I probably will end up going to Monkey Toes and getting some for way over 20 bucks.

We had a great weekend in Pell City and Clara's All Star team won the tournament.  We have a Mom who bought a huge boom box for music in between innings.  During the championship game Clay and Oak Mountain players, umps, and coaches were all doing YMCA.  Softball is such a fun thing.  We played another unnamed team (from an affluent Bham suburb) in the game before and their coaches just complained to the umps about our music, our photographer, our pitcher, his calls etc.  We suspect one of the coaches even sent his mama to us to ask us to turn down our music.

I woke up this morning and felt like I had a hangover.  I had no alcohol last night so I figured it was a Mamma yelling hangover.  By noon I felt like crap, I worked on Bible School some and then went to the after hours clinic. When the nurse looked in my throat she made a horrible face.  I have microplasm or walking pneumonia.  So where the heck did that come from, after my research that it has a long incubation (15-25 days) so it could have come from the preschool where I work.  So it has taken me about an hour to type this.  I think I better hit the hay.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry that you are sick! I hope that you get better soon! Love you

  2. I love reading your blog Meg. You're so fun. Feel better; see you around VBS.