Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Hugs and Kisses sock

I found a sock in the sock drawer that I was waiting to find the match for.  It is pink and sparkly and says hugs and kisses on it.  I just realized tonight that I didn't have to find the match anymore, no one could fit into it if I did.  It was a toddler sock and Clara wears a size 7 1/2 women's shoe.  It made me sad, so I stuck it back in my drawer.

Lewis got his haircut today.  He hates getting his hair cut, I mean hates it.  He loves Mr. Gary but hates the whole process.  I think mainly he hates the hair that gets all over him.  He always has to take off his shirt when he gets done.  Maybe he will outgrow it by the time he is a teenager.

I got my hair colored and cut today.  Went back to my natural color minus the gray, dark brown.  I feel more like myself.  We are starting to get ready for our Cooperstown/Washington DC trip.  Rob is playing with some friends at the Field of Dreams park in Cooperstown, NY.  We will stay up there for a week and we will go to DC on the way up and back.  Yes we are driving, hopefully it will be manageable since we are breaking it up.  We are really looking forward to it.  Lewis and Clara will have buddies who are going too, and we are staying with some of our best friends in a house.

I called a friend this morning and told her I had two pork tenderloins in the pack I defrosted and did they want some for dinner.  She said sure and I did the pork and boiled some corn.  She brought bread, asian slaw, and banana puddin.  We had a good shared meal.  I always cook too much so we should do this more often.

Rob survived his first day of double football days.  He got his spirit pack with the team shorts etc.  I ordered him a youth Large but they didn't order any youth sizes so he ended up with an adult small.   They are a little big.  They come down below his knees, as my friend Whitney said, "At least they aren't capris."  Big in the waist but at least they don't fall down.

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