Monday, October 4, 2010

Yellow Jackets stink too

Interesting day, I did get a ton of laundry done.  I went to Wal-mart to get groceries and some things for this weekend.  I picked out a somewhat familiar face because I thought she could handle all my stuff.  I was wrong.  She kept complaining about how much stuff I had.  She turned off her light because she said my purchases were going to make her tired.  It was driving me crazy, and kind of ticked me off.  It was not that much stuff, just an overflowing buggy.

So I went home and unloaded everything.  It takes a little longer now that I transfer everything to air tight containers.  So much packaging!!  After the kids got home I decided I needed to get after that dead creature in the bushes.

So I started whacking away at the bushes out front.  I was smelling some stinkiness and cutting everything back.  All of a sudden I felt something hit me in the butt.  I thought maybe I had a piece of branch flying off my hedge trimmers.  Then I realized it was hurting, bad.   I looked down and I was covered with bugs.  I then realized they were some type of bees.  Then were all over my shirt and down my jeans.  The neighborhood posse were outside playing capture the flag, I knew I needed to get my clothes off but I couldn't traumatize the neighbors.  So I ran in screaming into the house stripping off my clothes.  I heard little Michael behind me saying "What is wrong, Ms Meg."  I screamed, "Don't come in here!!!"  I pulled everything off as quickly as I could.  I looked down and they were yellow jackets.  I must have 5 or 6 bites and they hurt bad.  I have been stung by wasps but these are worse.  These yellow jackets were vicious.  They were not daunted by my swatting they were holding firm to my shirt.

The kids in my neighborhood were all hold up in my living room watching them swarm through the front window.  I had on my robe.   I have officially given up on finding the carcass myself.  I called Mr. George at Neighborhood Lawn Service and he said he would take care of the stink and the yellow jackets.  He can't come until Saturday but I don't care, I surrender.  The freaking, stinking mice have won again.

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