Sunday, November 7, 2010

My finds at Ross Dress for Less

I found some unexpected treasures at Ross Dress for Less this week.  I found these pants:

The price listed on Zappos is $108.00. I paid $8.95. Seriously, I got two pairs, one brown and one green. I told a friend who loves these pants and she had paid even more at a local store. I found some for her too, I was really proud of my find. I also found some other jeans from Salt Works ( which I suspect has gone out of business) that were normally $150.00 for between $10.00-$20.00. They were a higher rise (but not mom jeans), with spandex and they run big, so they were perfect!! I love when I find an unexpected treat!!
Rob tried out for the baseball team this week at the Middle School. This was the first cut and the ones who made it will try out again in January. Last night Brian and I were trying to figure out if Rob made it. It was listed by their lunch room number which for most kids is the last five of their social. Someone else has the same last five numbers of Rob's social in the Oak Mountain School so he has another random number. Of course we couldn't remember it. Rob was at the Youth Retreat for the weekend. He called late last night and I asked him for his number. He gave it to me but said he didn't want to know. We saw his number was not on the list. When we picked up the boys today they were completely over it because they had gotten online the night before to see they had not made it. I think the retreat helped them keep it in perspective. Nothing like a cabin full of friends to make you feel better.
I really have a hard time believing I have a child old enough for the youth group. We are so blessed to have the Youth Program at Asbury, I think they had a great weekend.

I watched Rob's wrestling practice for a few minutes the other night. First of all it was so smelly, but there were so many sweaty boys in there. I went into the next room and watched the actual wrestling. It was intense, I could not even wrap my brain around it. I am glad he is tough enough to do it, but I wouldn't be.
Clara and Lewis will be starting basketball soon but we enjoyed an activity free weekend. It was nice. I have been sad though, Nick Bell's family has been on my mind (MSU player who died of cancer) and a dear friend has been diagnosed with lymphoma. Please remember my friend Sheri in your prayers, and Nick Bell's family and friends.



  1. Ah, the smell of sweaty boys. I remember those days. I used to hate to go in my boys' room for the smell.

  2. Okay Meg, for your love of Ross, I will tell you this sad, sad tale. Months ago I spent 2 hours in Ross scouring the racks and found at least 6 cute!! dresses, one tweed suit, a pair of brown crocodile Nine West sling backs and several other tops - about 12 pieces in all. I spent about $180 for the entire haul - the equivalent of a fall wardrobe. I throw the bag in the back of my suv and use my handy dandy automatic door closer thing. Well, I hopped in, cranked up and drove across the street to get a diet Coke to celebrate my finds. In the drive thru I noticed my back door was UP! I find that my bag fell out on my way across the street (it never closed all the way). I literally fly back to the store to get my fallen bag and find this "lady" putting something in her trunk. I thought, surely that is her purchase and not my stuff! So I didn't stop and confront her. I drove around the parking lot, wanting to CRY. She did take it. I saw her in the store, too. What a THIEF!!! I was so upset. Still am. Spent 2 hours finding that only to have it stolen moments later. I told my mom I would rather someone have taken one article of clothing that costs $180 than all those clothes. So, my closet is empty. Sigh.

  3. That is horrible!!! What a crazy story, I am kind of glad you didn't confront the lady, she might have hurt you. You never know. I can not spend less than a hour in Ross unless I force myself to not look at anything other than what I "need." I bet those clothes didn't even fit the theif, and you know they didn't look as good as they did on you!!