Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I am Thankful for

What I am thankful for

My God and savior Jesus Christ
Driving through New Augusta, MS and seeing a Shetland pony hanging out in a front yard
My kids, who are an interesting mix of Brian and I which is funny since we are opposites
My husband who is unselfish and way better than I deserve
My sisters who made my childhood fun and made it possible for me to get along with any women
My new puppy Annabelle who loves me the best
My church, which is directly and indirectly responsible for 98% of my dear friends
My job, which is so much fun and the children who make me, feel like a rock star everyday
My first crummy job that taught me to love computers when my unscrupulous boss hired me on a Monday and told me I was teaching a computer class to adults on Friday, I had never used a Windows based computer before that Monday
My parents who taught me the importance of being honest, reading, relaxing, good manners and loving others
My dear nieces and nephews
My education at Mississippi State University in the classroom, the KD house and McKee dorm
That Brian was sitting in the Union doing a crossword puzzle and sitting with his little brother when I walked by, he decided to ask me out because I was nice to his brother, by the time he graduated three weeks later we were in love
Growing up in the faux country, with a swimming pool and a barn
My home that can hold a party with friends and out of town guests
That little things make me happy
Wonderful health care in Birmingham AL
The hard things in my life and the lessons they have taught me
My curly low maintenance hair
My friends who make me laugh and love me no matter what
My mattress and memory foam pillow
Sonic Route 44s
My Gold Quest van that has taken us all over the southeast and east with no problems, except for a new battery in Disney
That I don’t have the worry gene
Sports  (those that have know me forever will laugh at this one)
My neighbors who I love
Forgiveness and redemption in my life and others
People in the service industry who take pride in their work and customer service
Hair color
The US military
Euro comfort shoes
Unexpected bargains
That I don’t mind speaking in public
My mother in law and her mother who are great help and the best bakers I know
Laughing until I cry
Facebook and my friends there
My boyfriend Mac (what Brian calls my laptop)
The hills in Birmingham that make the landscape so pretty, since I grew up in flat Mississippi this is a change
Oak Mountain schools
My family’s health and mine
The Internet that really feeds and satisfies my need for knowing random things
The color red
The kid’s school bus and their drivers Mr. Gary and Mr. T, no carpool for me
Music that makes me happy and triggers old memories
My iphone
DVD players in vans with headphones
Southern Company/ that gives my husband a job he loves
Diet Cokes
Being Southern
You for reading this far in my list

Happy Thanksgiving, Gobble, Gobble!!

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