Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where you been?

Don't know where I have been lately.  I think I have been trying not to get on the computer so much at night.  Our ball season has started with full force.  Rob is playing on a travel team with some of his good friends and having a ball.  They are the Red Raiders and have decided that a rubber chicken is their mascot/good luck charm.  He is still doing the Show Choir stuff, we went to the Presbyterian Children's Home last week to sing for them.  They were all kids their ages and they sang in their gym.  I was thinking the sound might be bad but it was an older wooden gym and the sound was terrific.  The kids in the home enjoyed it more and more as our group went along.  One of the teachers there said they were thinking about starting a show choir.  The last song they sing in their "setlist" is "I got a feeling." and everytime they start singing it I tear up a little.  I think I am just so proud of all of them. 

Lewis is playing baseball and seems to really enjoy it this year.  He is not so nervous and loves hitting off the pitching machine.  He saw a show at school called "Food Works" and has been obsessed with sugar content in food.  He has not had a soft drink since then, and he was devasted when Rob told him that sweet tea had sugar in it.  He looks at the ingredients on everything.  I might have to start shopping at Whole Foods to find a cereal without sugar in the first three ingredients.  He was eating trail mix he bought at Oak Mountain Idol and he found me and asked "what is this thing?"  He said, "I ate it and what is it?"  It was a peanut.  He didn't know that it was a peanut, that is Lewis's personality in a "nutshell" ;)  He knows a baseball is a sphere but not what a peanut is.  The other day in the car he told me his favorite song was "What the Hell." We all died out laughing because he didn't know hell was a bad word.  So I told him just to sing heck instead.  So after his first game they won he went to take a bath.  He told me he needed to close the bathroom door because he might be a little loud.  I said no leave it open so I can hear you if you need me.  He said "Are you sure?"  I said yes.  So I was putting up clothes in my room and I heard, "All my life I been good till now oh oh what the hell!!"  He was soaping up his legs and happy as a lark.  I didn't call him on it though until later.....

Brian is coaching Clara this year.  They are a lot alike how they handle conflict so it can be interesting sometimes.  Clara would rather someone yell at her than to give her a frustrated look. They both shut down when they are frustrated.  So they are learning how to communicate with each other on the field.  She is enjoying pitching and has a sweet team.  

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