Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Sweet Little Klingon

We are heading back from Brian’s sweet cousin Emily’s wedding.  She and her sister were our program girls at our wedding and she would come spend the night with us in her Lion King sweatshirt.  She is a grown, beautiful woman now.  She is a special education teacher like her mother was and is definitely fulfilling her calling.  She loves and appreciates her kids just the way they are. 

Rob had a scare this week.  He got hit square between the eyes with a thrown baseball.  They were doing a drill and he forgot it was coming back to him next.  He heard his name called turned and Bam!  I didn’t find out about it until about 1 ½ hours later.  His coach called after he dropped him off at Clara’s game and said Rob got hit.  He said he didn’t show any signs of a concussion afterwards.  When I saw him I couldn’t believe it.  No broken skin but you could see the laces’ imprint in his head.  He was very swollen and looked like a Klingon from Star Trek.  No lie…I was ok that night and then the next morning I started to worry.  It was so squishy where he was hit.  I had sent him to school and then called the doctor who wanted to see him after lunch.  So I was supposed to watch Rob until then, I checked him out and took him to CASA with me.  The kids were a little scared of him because of his unusually large forehead which was also getting wider and wider.  We ended up at Children’s South for sinus and head x-ray.  Everything checked out fine but the radiologist came out to see him.  He wanted to see what he looked like with all that soft tissue damage.  He was a great sport about it though.  He never complained or got mad about the teasing from his friends.  Hopefully Avatar won’t become his permanent nickname. 

Dr. Todd Reeves our dear friend is also our new dentist.  He is redoing some of my dental work and I am amazed at how much better my teeth feel.  I had a filing that would hurt off and on come to find out I had decay under it.  Then my old filling was put in so jagged I could not chew gum on that side.   Great experience and they look so much better.  I highly recommend him!!

I got my first experience with the Expo at the Middle School and it was great.  The volunteers at the Middle School amaze me.  It is a labor of love.  The woman who has been in charge of the Expo doesn’t even have a Middle School student anymore; she just does it because she wants to help.  Some people only do things for what is in it for them, but I have encountered some special volunteers who are truly unselfish. 

I really enjoy being around Middle School students and the teachers at the Middle School are wonderful too.   The teachers were all at the Expo when the only the middle school student were there and I am amazed at how much fun they seem to have.  I am sure some days more than others but they make learning so much fun. 

I think Annabelle took her first unplanned swim today.  We had so much rain and the drainage ditch was full behind our house.  I got an early Mother’s Day gift of a Sony Ereader.  I really like it.  I was not impressed by the customer service at all but once I figured out how to set it all up on my own I loved it.  The Sony is supposed to allow for all types of format of books and you can check out books from our library on it.  I just finished reading the new Fannie Flagg book, it was great. 

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