Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The boy needs to eat

Last Wednesday we were preparing for the biggest storm I would ever see.  We got off work and school early and ate an early supper.  We then went to the basement for the rest of the evening.  We never lost power and when I saw that tornado hitting Tuscaloosa on the news, I was so shocked.  The sky was full of tornadoes.  We had no damage but so many people in Alabama did.  Tuscaloosa is so devestated and I can not imagine the fear the parents of those college students felt Wednesday evening.   Several small towns and communities had extensive damage too.  I am in prayer for the areas all the time,  I can imagine it is horrible to lose all your possessions but I am more concerned about the emotional toil.  Imagine how scared these people were while their homes were being destroyed around them.  I know God was with them.  There is a Facebook page just of all the photos and things found in other parts of the southeast after the storm.!/PicturesandDocumentsfoundafterAprilTornadoes?sk=wall

Thursday Rob and I had to go to Nashville to the doctor, we had tried to get in here with the same type of doctor and it would be 9 months before he could be seen.  It took 2 days at Vanderbilt.  It was surreal seeing all the damage on the way up to Nashville.  The doctor said Rob needed to try to get fat over the next 4 months.  He is exercising so much that he is burning off everything he eats.  She said whole milk, Mexican food and Chinese food, whatever it takes to get more calories.  Talk about a shift in thinking,  he is a good eater but never overeats.  So we need to get creative.  Last night he had Ensure in ice cream. 

  Rob played in a Hoover tournament all weekend and they once again won the silver bracket.  One game they were down 14 to nothing and came back to tie it.  The game did not start until 10:00 pm so it was a late night.  Clara and Lewis both played and lost.  I got to see a dear friend this weekend.  Leigh Ann Ray Irby and her family were at the same tournament as us and we got to visit.  It was wonderful seeing her, we grew up together.  I should have taken a picture of us together.  

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