Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Groupon makes good on their pinky promise

I was so excited to use my Groupon DELUXE facial on Friday.   I get there and the first thing I see is "all services are provided by students."  That gave me a little pause but I soldiered on.  I went to the back to change and the velcro on the towel wrap kept busting open.  Then I was taken to my "room" which was like the semi private hospital rooms that you see on tv.  I could hear some relaxing music in my ear but also I could hear everyone who came in and out of the salon.  People kept walking thorough to go to the bathroom.  The girl who did my facial almost put bruises on my arms by pinching and squeezing them.  I was lying on my back for 90 minutes with a tight headband on my head, not very comfortable.  She didn't do any extractions because she said I didn't have blackheads, Lord knows that is not true.  I also looked up one time and she was picking her nose a little.  Several steps seemed to be repeated over and over. 
So I thought oh well it is not this poor woman's fault I was tricked into this, so I asked the receptionist how much a 90 minute facial normally cost because I was going to tip on that amount.  She said, "We don't have a 90 minute facial, we just created it for the groupon."  "The 60 minute facial is $40."  I had paid $37 for the facial.  I was ticked.  I came home and checked the website for the salon and no mention services were performed by students.  It also did not say it on the Groupon.  I emailed Groupon to let them know and they refunded my money.  Thanks Groupon!!!  This just fed my Groupon obsession. 
We went to a few garage sale/estate sales on Saturday and Sunday. Below are my lovely finds. 

I found these funky Barbies looking for a fondue party.  I bought them, the fondue set, and the blue table.  They are supposed to be for Ruthie, my niece, but I am not sure if I can part with the Barbies. 

This is a gorgeous oil painting the estate sale guy sold me for $3.  I love it!!

These yellow prints came from the Foundry Thrift Store, total they were $5. 

This was my favorite, even though I don't like beachy stuff at all, but that is what is so cool they are shells made into flowers.  3D

This witch was calling my name, she makes me happy. 

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