Monday, October 24, 2011

Leader of the Zombie Pack

I decided to to paint a huge bookcase that was white enamel. I asked a friend who does painted furniture the easiest way. She recommended Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I found someone who sells it in Pelham. It is the neatest stuff. You don't have to prime or sand and you can use it on any surface. It was pretty easy too. The most difficult part was doing the dark wax at the end. I bought another can to start on my bedroom furniture. I used Duck Egg on the bookshelf and are going to use Paris Grey next.

I have also been working on Annabelle too. Annabelle is our dog who we love but she is a pistol. I have a friend who has been helping me train her that she is not the pack leader. She is not aggressive but loves being in charge. The biggest challenge has been teaching her how to walk on a leash. She was literally pulling me down the street. The trainer recommended treats but they didn't work. She recommended a little choke collar but Annabelle could have cared less. We tried a collar that leads the nose and turns the body and Annabelle would just lie down and not move. The only thing that works is a prong collar. I only have to pull it quickly to get her back on track. It works wonderfully. I bought the first one at PETCO, but it kept popping open. I took it back for one that did not have a quick release. They didn't have one and the guy proceeded to give me a lecture about it. So I complained to PETCO headquarters and they had the manager call me. The manager was still a little know it all, he claimed he had seen dogs throats torn open etc from them. I told him that I did not go all the way to Ozark, AL to adopt her to bring her home and abuse her. The guy was probably mid twenties, so much life experience there. I explained sometimes customers don't want your advice. It fell on deaf ears. I told him I am raising 3 kids, I think I know a little about life. Annabelle is very smart and stubborn. I am very stubborn too so this works for us. Needless to say I was not impressed with PETCO at all. Actually typing this makes me realize what a jerk he still was.....they would not take back the collar without a receipt. I told them couldn't they find it on my PET Perks card? Probably not they said, what the heck kind of Perks is that? In PETCO's defense Hollywood Feed tried to give me a lecture too. My trainer I trust completely and she has been doing this for a long time. She has great dogs and kids. Just had to vent a little. Another thing Annabelle has been doing is learning doggie manners at doggie day care. It is so good for her. The trainer has land she can run on and she is learning how to act around other dogs from a sweet lab and brilliant German Shepard. To say I am obsessed is true, but I know Annabelle once trained will be worth all the effort. I love her trained or no, but she already seems more relaxed and happy because she is learning her place in the pack. I am enjoying my responsibilities at OMMS. So many wonderful people are there and I love it. I was recently in the Haunted House with two of my best friends. We were the Zombie Bride sisters.

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