Monday, April 30, 2012

Pictures of the completed house

I have been procrastinating blogging because I had so many things to say.  I wanted it to be a time that I could devote some quality time to it but that "aint" gonna happen. So.......

We finished our house over a month ago in record time and I love it.  Everything works so much better and it is a joy to cook in my new kitchen.  I cooked a huge (for me) meal for Easter and it was great.  So while I was waiting for my kitchen to be completed me and my friend M'Leigh got obsessed with old Pyrex dishes.   I know have Pyrex in my kitchen from all over the Southeast: from Ebay,  from Hoover,  Dallas and from Mississippi.  Below is a pitcher of my collection, in the above picture I was showing  the many ways you can use the Pyrex. It makes me happy using something that some "Betty" type woman used in the past (Mad Men).  Actually Betty had Carla who she fired but I digress.

So here are the pictures of our house, thanks to Donny Castleberry who took care of everything.  You need someone trustworthy, detailed and hard working Donny is your man.  

My much improved pantry

My granite on counter tops and hearth
My new happy place, yes it is my laundry room

My black dining room

The fully Lucas girl created room

New carpet and the furniture I painted while watching the Tudors which was very distracting so don't look too close

The laundry shoot in Clara's room, we cut out the bottom of a small piece of furniture
See if you can spot the laundry shoot, to the left of her bed

Ariel view
So this is just a quick update. We are busy with our Fuller joy lately around here.  I have a couple other stories I want to record soon. 

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