Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mythical creatures and FBIy guys

We are on our way to Amelia Island, Florida.  The Bulldogs are headed to the Gator Bowl and so are the Fullers.  We got up around 5:00 to head out.  Everyone but Brian has a gadget ( I guess technically he has the OnStar lady).  I was just watching In Living Color, didn’t realize “hate it” and “mo money” came from this show.  We didn’t watch much TV in the KD house unless it was Unsolved Mysteries, Married with Children reruns or Saved by the Bell.  All those Dees and I watched together, our favorite line being, “FBIy guys.”  In the interest of full disclosure we did watch a good amount of Gilad, Cindy Crawford and The Firm workouts.  Speaking of KD days, I went on a girls trip to Memphis to my dear friend, Jamie's, wedding reception.  It was so fun to be with my friends and wonderful to meet Ross, her husband.  

We have a busy fall full of football fun, the most fun being OMHS football.  Lewis was a ball boy for the varsity team and Rob was on the 9th grade team.  I truly have a hard time believing we have a high schooler already but I love it.  Rob had his first Homecoming and Lewis learned a ton in the “interesting culture” (his words) of OMHS football.  They worked so hard and had the best season OM has had in 7 years.   Clara started OMMS and loves it there.  Surprisingly she doesn’t seem to mind me being up there too much.  She had the lead-out for SGA at the Christmas gala and she walked with her old friend Turner.  So sweet for Sallie and me. 

Lewis has become obsessed with mythical creatures and gods of any sort.  Norse gods, Greek gods, Roman gods and Sasquatch.  He told me it really hurts his feelings when Rob says that mythical creatures like Bigfoot are not real.  He is so my child.  I remember believing in Nessy, the Bermuda Triangle, Mermaids, 13 ghosts and Jeffery. 

Brian got glasses and they look really cute.  He took me to Ross Bridge for a get away and also to the shooting range.   Ross Bridge was super relaxing but the shooting was harder that I thought.  Not the aiming but the technique and form.  I did have a Marine trying to train my limp wristed self so he might have been a stickler for all that. He ended my lesson with, “You might do better with a revolver.” I liked it fine but I didn’t like the random folks shooting around me.   I mean some people were in there that looked like all they did was sit in their basement and play video games.  They shot that way too, kind of creeped me out.   As Brian said I would have blown the hell out of someone’s right shoulder.  So blessed to have this man in my life. 

Rob and I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra and it was interesting.  I really loved the 80’s influence but some of the guitar stuff got excessive.  I would have liked more orchestra, less guitar and some children singing.  They had some girls dressed like the Fly Girls singing who had beautiful voices but didn’t look very Christmassy.  Clara and I just watched Call the Midwives from BBC; it was awesome by the way.  It will maybe tide me over until Downtown Abbey comes back on…. but I did download the remake of Upstairs Downstairs for the trip. 

Lewis’s hermit crab CZ (crabzilla) was immobile half way out of his shell when we left this morning at 6:00.  I left instructions with my sweet dog sitter to purchase a bigger shell and a new crab to cover all the bases for our return. 

Just settling into the hotel and have already gone to everything is $20.00 store.  Loved it so much, going back tomorrow. 

Clara and Turner

Clara, Me, Turner and Sallie

Emily and Clara

Blue Birds

Big Bro and Lil Bro

Rob and his big bro

Tommy and Lewis

Lewis was Max the dog in the Grinch play

Lewis, Reese, and Cris Bell

Me and Sallie on a bad night

Rob and Sadie


First day of school


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