Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anne Margaret,some cabinets and my closet

Here is the most important thing that happened today.  Anne Margaret Haley "Maggie"was born this morning.  She is so precious.  We are so happy and blessed.  Then I got a new bedroom closet which is wonderful but overwhelming.  Jeff at Closetech did them for me, he is the Jeff that has been working with Donny on this project.  It is completely adjustable so I have to play with it to see where I want to put everything.  My closet was my Valentines present, my husband is a smart man.  Then they started on the cabinets.  Jerry Smith who sells Integrity Cabinets is installing them.  They are wonderful so far.  The are only about 3/4 finished but will be done by lunch tomorrow.   The cabinets are antique white and the walls will not be green when we are done.  Some blue like in the rest of the house.  Once I get my closet finished I will do a before and after. 

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