Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This week at CASA Fuller

My contractor had made plans a long time ago to go to Mardi Gras in Mobile this week.  So he sent some sheet rockers (?) to work while he was gone.  We have walls in the pantry and the laundry room now.  We discovered another golden easter egg in one of the walls.  A huge exposed wire in the wall, Donny said I would have gotten the shock of my life if I had tried to hang something there.  Donny also widened the wall going into the dining room.  It makes just the difference I wanted.  It makes the dining room look bigger and more inviting. 
The exposed wire
Before the widening


Where the lighting will be over the sink


Inside laundry room

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  1. Wow, Meg! It's really coming along. You'll be so glad you chronicled the process like this. Can't wait to see the end result!!