Monday, February 20, 2012

Latest on Fuller CASA

We are making some major progress.  On Friday Donnie and Jeff took off the mantle and removed the tile around the fireplace.  We are going to put our extra granite there.  They also finished rewiring all the plugs behind the cabinets that got fried in a lightning storm, but the biggest accomplishment was not even in their job description.  I had told Donnie we had this crazy squirrel in the attic.  It is a smart, tame bugger who think Fuller Casa is his casa.  We have been trying to get rid of him since before Christmas, really he has been with us at least 6 months.  He IS the smartest squirrel in town.  So Donnie and Jeff hear the little guy.  Donnie goes up in the attic to see where he is getting in and out and Jeff hides in the truck until the squirrel comes out.  Donnie patches the hole after he runs out and Jeff chases it off.  The darn thing has not been back, HALLELUIAH!!!!
The hardwoods were put in the kitchen and living room today.  These men were machines. The floors are breathing and acclimating as we speak.  Kari Adams from Ississ helped me pick everything out and that is who I got the flooring from.  They subbed it out to Maranatha Granite and Floors and they did an excellent job.  Tomorrow the cabinets are coming. 
Even better that a remodel job is that my youngest sister, Polly, called and said she is having her baby on Wednesday.  She is out in Dallas, Texas.  She and Jason have two boys who love their Mama but now she is having a girl.  So happy and can't wait for her to be here.  My other sister Sarah is pregnant too but with a boy due any day, such a happy time. 

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