Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apache otherwise know as "Jump On It"

First full week of school was great.  I think everyone enjoyed their week. Rob had his first football game and it was really fun.  It was hard to keep up with, I have never watched a football game that closely.  We didn't have a roster but we figured out some of them.   It was hard to try to follow the individual kids in that huge mass of kids.  We won 62-26.  I had a mom with older kids tell me that she didn't think any Oak Mountain team has ever scored that many points in any sport.  We have some very talented boys.  There is one kids named DJ who was adopted from Ukraine in December.  This kid never grew up watching football, he loves soccer but he is a natural at football.  He is a running back, punter, extra point kicker and field goal guy.  He scored two touchdowns, I think he likes football too now.  Rob got to play most of the 2nd half because of the boys who scored a bunch in the 1st half.  Pam and I laughed because Hall and Rob were talking away in the back field and high fiveing each other.

The middle school had their Gala Friday night.  I was a chaperone in the gym where they were dancing.  They were so much more confident than last year.  They were having a blast.  The boys were in a big group and the girls were in another.  Then for the last hour they merged to one big group.  I was so glad to see them feeling so confident  and sure of themselves.  I have to admit it was kind bittersweet seeing Rob dance across from girls he has know since he was in preschool.  Some of Rob's friends did slow dance...they were so funny.  They were dancing with somehow not looking at each other or talking.  I asked all the boys who rode how with us if they slow danced.  Two told me they did, but they didn't know who with because the girls asked them and the dj said it was girls choice.  One of the other boys said" I know that  girl's brother" and another one said "the other girl is my friend"( I had 6 boys and one girl in my car).   I told them that was the nice thing to do.  I also saw an awkward but surely a future successful 8th grader boy ask a beautiful 8th grade girl to dance a slow dance to a fast song and that sweet girl said yes.  The late bloomer talked to his girl the entire dance.  I told the boys that story and one of Rob's friends said "AWWW" and not sarcastically, I love these boys.   Rob afterwards told me he saw me but I didn't see him, I just let him think that.  The boy's favorite song was Jump on It  but I told them the real name was Apache, it is so hilarious watching them dance to it.  The teachers and administration are so much fun, they are so nice to the kids.  They have such enthusiasm for their jobs it is such a blessing.

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