Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Computer Graveyard

I have been working up at CASA this week getting ready for my friends.  That is what we call all our students.  Shannon and I have been working in our little computer room like two computer geeks.  We have a computer graveyard in the corner of our room that is filled with old printers that no one needs anymore in the church.  We are taking them to Best Buy tomorrow to recycle them.  Whoopee!!!   We are very happy.  We are then going to put two of our old computers from home in the computer room.  In our computer lab our old computers are young again.  That is the good thing about kids software, it doesn't need high-tech to work.

I took my car to Franklin Automotive to get it fixed today, it has made many strange noises since it came home from NY.  They were great and super easy to work with, going back to get some shocks on Friday just in time to go to Starkville.  We went to Lewis's parent night on Tuesday night.  I felt old, I really don't know anyone except for a couple of people that are parents in that class.  Most of Lewis's friend have some type of relation to an older sibling who is friends with Rob or Clara.  I really need to make more of an effort.  I guess it sometimes just works out that way.

Clara got invited by a friend (boy) to come see his football game on Thursday night.  She was so flattered. It is in Vestavia though so she might ride with the parents to the game.   She loooves her guy friends.   Guess what Lewis is going to be for Halloween?  A shark courtesy of my friend who found the cutest costume at Home Goods.  Lewis has a presentation at school tomorrow on his trip to the International Spy Museum.  Most kids have talked things like loosing a tooth.


  1. I know what you mean about not having friends in the young kids' classes. When Celia was playing t-ball last fall and soccer in the spring, it just seemed like too much trouble to get to know those parents very well. It's all I can do to keep up with the friends I already have! Probably not a good thing, but maybe not that uncommon.

  2. Enjoyed visiting with you yesterday. I love the photo on your header. Is that in Ireland or somewhere else in Europe?

  3. Kathy
    I am crazy. I didn't know I had changed the picture too. I was changing the theme and didn't finish ;)