Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lewis + Sharks = LOVE

We are back in suburbia and glad to be home.  I went to the chiropractor Monday and I was totally out of alignment possibly because of : sleeping in a bed older than I am, running with Sallie,  walking 5 miles on the streets of DC or riding in the car for 12 hours on Sunday.  We finished out our time in Cooperstown and said good-bye to the baseball wonderland.  We drove back to DC and went to a National/Phillies game Friday night which was awesome.  Brian had gotten us great seats and the Nationals whooped the Phillies.  After seeing how crazy the Phillie fans were I was glad.  Also there is an Alabama boy who plays for the Nationals, he had Sweet Home Alabama as his coming out song.

We then went to the National Aquarium on Saturday morning and it was Shark Weekend (in honor of Shark Week)!  Lewis was ecstatic.  They were able to make Shark T-shirts (never mind most of the coloring came off the first time we washed it), Shark shrinky dinks and they were giving out free shark teeth.  He was slightly disappointed when the tiger shark was the biggest shark they had there and the tiger shark is about the size of a bass.  The highlight was getting this book of comic strips from the cartoon "Sherman's Lagoon."  He also got the author to sign it.  He has laughed and laughed over that.  He read it the WHOLE way home on Sunday.  He asked me what "nude" meant and laughed even harder.

We then went to the International Spy Museum.  It was expensive but awesome.  It was so innovative and interesting.  It was almost like a Disney production, in its attention to detail.  They had fascinating video throughout and it went through spies throughout history.  They really understood the kids of this generation.  Loved it.

We then got up and left our beautiful hotel and hit the road.  Brian drove pretty much the whole time and asked me to drive once.  I was sleepy though so I had to drink a bunch of diet coke and then I had to go potty so I got bumped.  He said it wasn't worth it.  The drive was fine though, I read 2 books and the kids never fought.

I spent most of Monday washing clothes, you would not believe the clothes.  I obviously had dirty clothes here when we left too.  I have been cooking every night because we got so tired of eating out.  The food up there is not good (Cooperstown) unless it is pizza or ice cream.  They go all out for those two, not for anything else and they charge for refills.  Another reason I love the South.  I will say this trip made me appreciate the friendliness and kindness of the South.  I think I thrive on it.  I missed people looking me in the eye or smiling for no reason .  Life is too short to be grumpy.  I loved going to Wal-Mart  here on Monday and noticing how many people I didn't know were so polite and friendly.  Sweet Home Alabama.

If you do get the opportunity to go to Cooperstown with your son or daughter (they are opening a softball facility next year)  do it.  It will be worth all the trouble and money to get there.  It was a special time with special people.

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